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on January 3, 2018

Time to join the rest of the bloggers for the annual post on what goals I have for the new year.

A few weeks ago, I talked about how I want to rethink my goals for 2018 because I felt that some goals I had weren’t specific and weren’t necessarily related to the bigger goals I have for my life. Although I felt accomplished with the goals I reached, I also felt like I didn’t even accomplish anything at all because it didn’t lead me to a bigger goal.

When I look back at 2017, I feel proud, happy and everything other feel-good emotion. At the same time, I felt like my goals weren’t exactly conducive to the life I hope to live. For example, what is increasing my social media following/engagement by 20% going to do for me in five years?

Don’t get me wrong, some of my goals were VERY important to me, like not focusing on numbers for health and wellness. Yet, at the same time, I had another goal to increase my weekly running distance, which is very numbers-oriented.

See what I’m saying?

Our goals shouldn’t be just about what we want to achieve in one year. Rather, they should be on-going additions we want to incorporate in our lives for years to come because they’re important to us. 

This helped me rethink the direction of my goals for the new year, and helped me realize what I want to accomplish. Now, my goals feel more intentional for what I want to achieve in life.  With all that said, here are my goals for 2018:

1| Put an extra $5,000 in savings. 

Why this goal is important: Financial stability is a huge stress for people. My goal is to continue saving regularly, so that I never have to worry about making necessary purchases. My goal is life is to consistently travel, so I hope to travel more with this financial stability. I also hope to

2| Focus on being my healthiest self.

Why this goal is important: I’ve been on a journey toward living a healthier life, but toward the end of the year, I wasn’t keeping up with my health like I should have. For 2018, I’m making changes to practice self-care frequently, eating fresh, whole foods, and focusing on workouts that I genuinely enjoy.

3| Continue living simply and minimally. 

Why this goal is important: I’ve noticed a HUGE change in my life since focusing on minimalism and simple living. Minimalism helps me achieve my goals, and it also helps me save money, which gives me time to do the things I love like traveling, blog, etc.

4| Travel. 

Why this goal is important: Traveling is something I’ve always felt passionate about. It’s the reason I want to save money, and live minimally. There are simply too many beautiful places in the world, and I want to visit new places as often as possible. We have our honeymoon planned already, but I’m hoping to squeeze in another short trip during the year.

5| Develop my marketing skills.

Why this goal is important: I love the field I work in, and I’m so happy to wake up and go to a job I love. That being said, I plan to be in the field for a long time, so I want to continue developing my skills in marketing by taking online classes, listening to seminars, and reading more about marketing. 2018 is a year I want to grow as a Marketing Director, and I’m excited to see where this goal takes me!

What are your goals for 2018? How can you be more intentional with your goals for the new year?


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  • I think these are attainable goals for 2018! We want to add more money into are savings account too. Best of luck!

    • Thank you! I think money is always something people are thinking about in terms of goals!

  • Completely agree that goals must actually have meaning to us, or it’s not really counter productive. I love all the goals you made for yourself this year!

    • Thanks, Cara! I agree that having meaning when planning out your goals has really changed my perspective on what matters to me, which affects my actual goals altogether.

  • Kristen Jones

    I love how your goals are so much more intentional and purposeful. My hubby and I definitely want to save more money this year and I really want to travel.

    • Thank you so much! I feel like they are intentional because they are ultimately leading me to the big things I want to achieve in life, not just in one year! ☺️

  • You go girl! I’d love to save money this year in addition to more traveling.

    • Who doesn’t want to travel! I feel like my travel bucket list is always growing!

  • What a great idea to make a goal to save a specific amount of money. I’m totally stealing this idea! Fantastic goals for the year!

    • Thank you! Yes, instead of focusing on a percentage, I take an exact dollar amount because for me, it’s easier to track monthly. And, I can look ahead to see how I can save more in a specific month.

  • Yes! I used to make so many goals and I realized none of them were really important/about the things that mattered to me the most. So now I focus on the things I want for my life–career, financial stability, health, travel, etc.–and I forget the rest.

    • Exactly! We have the same experience I think. I used to have all these random goals that didn’t necessarily bring me to the big goals I truly wanted to achieve each year. Or, they weren’t lasting habits that I could apply to my life indefinitely.

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