Gift Giving for Minimalists [That Aren’t Things!]

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on October 27, 2017

I know what you’re thinking…

Do you really want to give a gift that doesn’t include any material items? Is it right to give a gift that doesn’t include clothes, books, or something for the home?

Well, to answer your question—yes you can; and it’s perfectly acceptable to give a gift that doesn’t include physical items. That doesn’t make it less worthy of giving to a friend or family member. Plus, when you’re planning gifts for the minimalist in your life, there are some options of material gifts you can DIY yourself or work with them to create together. Today, I’m sharing some gift ideas to gift to that minimalist friend or family member in your life. Or, if you’re hoping to teach your family more about this lifestyle and decide to give non-material gifts, feel free to use this list as inspiration for gift ideas.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Erin’s post on A Welder’s Wife for even MORE ideas on gift giving ideas for the minimalists on your holiday list this year! You can also check out her previous posts on the ultimate gift guide for minimalists!

1| Experience Gift

In my opinion, experience gifts are WAY better than material gifts, especially if it’s something you know your friend or family member will love. Grab them tickets to their favorite band or sports teams. Treat them to an hour massage and facial if you know they are particularly stressed. Or, go for something completely unique like a date night for the couple for a helicopter ride or a hot-air balloon ride. Needless to say, they will not forget how cool your gift was.

2| Gift Certificate

Because there’s nothing wrong with giving something you know the person will use and love. Plus, you can even make it personal depending on what you buy. For example, if you’re gifting $200 to Lowe’s, you can say in the card: “To start working on those kitchen renovations!” That way, there is a purpose behind the gift. This can be applied to any gift card from a clothing store to their favorite restaurant.

3| Something They Need

I know it may seem silly, but we all have cars that need maintenance. Give them a free oil change, inspection, and detailed cleaning for their car. You can also do this with 2-3 hair appointments or their gym membership. Or, offer to watch their kids for the day, so they can enjoy the day or catch up on errands. It may seem simple, but sometimes they are the best gifts when you realize you don’t need to pay for your inspection and oil change.

4| Digital Downloads/Courses

Is your friend a writer? Give them a digital course they can choose online for writing tips. The options for this are endless: there are classes and courses on everything from editing to photography to cooking to SEO to health and wellness. Whatever the course is, make sure it’s something you know the person will appreciate and get valuable information from. This is great to even include in a card: “One free class/course from *insert website here*!” That way, they can choose what class to take and they have time to look at their options.

5| Donation To A Cause They Support

Need I say more? There’s nothing better than a friend or family member supporting something you are passionate about. So whether it’s animal welfare, childhood education or environmental causes—donating $100 to someone’s favorite charity is something anyone can appreciate, especially if you regularly volunteer with the organization.

I hope this post was helpful with generating ideas for the minimalist friend or family member in your life. Keep in mind, you don’t have to ONLY give these gifts to a minimalist friend. You can give them to family members in hopes to teach them more about this lifestyle and practice consuming less as a family altogether.

Have you ever given a gift that didn’t have physical/materials items? How do you feel about be given an experience gift or a donation to a charity your support? What other ideas you have for gift ideas to give to a minimalist! Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Great ideas, Kiara!! I love your idea of gifting an oil change or something of necessity! My sister asked for gift ideas and I asked her for laundry detergent!. In a way, it is material related items, but it is something I will use up over time and really need!

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