Friday Favorites (2.19.16)

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on February 19, 2016


If you guys haven’t caught up on my previous Friday Favorites, you can find them here and here. Here are some of the awesome posts from the blogging world posted throughout the week.


“How to Wake Up Early (and enjoy it)” from Emilie:


I personally love these posts because they motivate me to continue my healthy habits. If you struggle with mornings, you’ll definitely want to read Emilie’s post for some awesome tips. Sometimes, it’s difficult to begin the day when you’ve been feeling stressed—so try to relax and remember that a great start to the morning will allow for a better day.

“Why Minimalism *Should Be* More Than Another Trend” from Olivia:

I have been working on living a minimalist life, and it has caused an equal amount of stress and confusion. Reading Olivia’s post has opened my eyes to an answer I’ve been searching for: “It means you’re done with the more-mentality that saturates our every waking moments.” If you have been struggling with the idea of minimalism, read Olivia’s post. You won’t regret it.

“The Power of ‘No‘” from Julie:


You know when you read the right blog post at the right time? That was Julie’s post for me. I can essentially give you the “ah-ha” moment with one sentence: “The biggest lesson learned from being the go-to yes person has taught me how many people don’t truly care for me but rather for what I could do for them.” I relate so well, and her words resonated with me. If you’re a “yes” women, read her post!

“My Favorite Blogging Resources” from Mistle:

There are days where I feel completely uninspired to blog, and I feel like my blog is no where near the other bloggers I read. So, when there are posts to learn more about blogging resources, tips or e-books—I get incredibly excited. Mistle’s post shared several awesome resources for blogging that I will be looking into over the next two weeks, so I can step up my game.

“4 Reasons Why you Should Spend Time in Nature” from Alexis:


I am big believer that spending time in nature can truly solve anything. Why? It gives you some perspective on things in life. The other day, I needed to be reminded of that when I stumbled across Alexis’ post about nature. Despite freezing temperatures, I still went outside to appreciate the stillness and serenity of the snow in winter. I definitely recommend her post on why we all should spend more time in nature!

What posts have you been loving this week? What posts should I read from your blog? Make sure to share your links below!

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  • Meredith Nye (semibalancedmama

    What a fun idea to list your favorites! I saw and liked a lot of these, as well! Thanks for the share!

  • I’ll have to check out these posts – thanks for sharing! I love reading other bloggers’ favorites. 🙂

    • Same here! It’s great because then you’re always seeing other interesting posts to read that you may have missed!

  • Thank You so much for the love Kiara!!! I appreciate it a lot! I hope that you enjoy the resources I shared. I also feel that same way about my blog when it comes to not having these great posts like other bloggers. But when I think about it, we are all different and at least we are putting ourselves out there. So keep up the great work! I will be checking out these posts that you shared. 🙂

    • Of course, Mistle! Thank you so sharing such a great post that all bloggers can utilize!

  • I love the “power of no” so so so so important!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Kristin! It’s such an important post to read!

  • I like your choices! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you related to my post and saw it at the right timing for you. Too many of us ‘yes’ girls have to learn to put ourselves first sometimes. xo

    • I have been learning that putting myself first is incredible important. Regardless of how I decide to do that, I know it will always be worth it to say no, and make time for myself and happiness, too!

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  • Thanks for sharing these great posts! It’s so great that you support other bloggers while inserting your own ideas 🙂

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