FebYOUary: Self-care isn’t all about bath bombs

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on February 5, 2018

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, duh. We know it’s not all about bath bombs.”

Hear me out for a minute. As much as I LOVE that self-care is being talked about more often, that’s when it becomes associated with trends or specific ideas that people become attached to. For example, I wrote a post on how minimalism isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept, and the EXACT same things can be said about self-care. Minimalism doesn’t look like black and white closet with only 2o items in it for everyone who identifies as a minimalist. Self-care doesn’t look like bath bombs and bottles of wine to everyone who is in need of self-care.

Although I’m passionate about practicing self-care, I’ve noticed that people are assuming it’s only about pampering yourself and getting cozy with a good book. Yes, those activities definitely count as self-care, and it’s GREAT to have calming, relaxing activities for when you need to indulge in a little time for yourself. However, self-care isn’t only about taking a bath with the newest bath bomb.

Self-care can look like:

1| Reading your favorite book.

2| Adult-coloring.

3| Positive affirmations.

4| Turning off your phone.

5| Going for a walk.

On the end of the spectrum, self-care can be more serious for some. Some people are focused on MUCH bigger things than taking a relaxing bath. They’re worried about money, they’re worried about not having their life together in any sense of the word. They are people who may not have had a nutritious meal in weeks, and are eating fast food three times a day because it’s cheaper than buying groceries, and making food for themselves.

Self-care looks different for everyone. It’s important to remember than someone’s version of self-care may honestly be helping their well-being in a much more significant way. Self-care might be the reason someone keeps their apartment because they stopped going out for meals and drinks. Self-care might be that someone finally stopped working hours of overtime because they saw how much it impacted their health. Self-care might be someone who finally took every one of their vacation days because they’re so used to working instead of creating balance in their life.

Self-care can ALSO look like:

1| Saving money to help pay off student loans.

2| Spending less money on material things.

3| Nourishing your body with fresh, whole foods.

4| Ending toxic friendships who only bring stress to your life.

5| Spending time with people who lift you up.

I’ve written a few posts on self-care, and I’ve talked about the other side of it, too. I’ve talked about the lighthearted end of treating yourself to a glass of wine, your favorite dessert, or your favorite movie with a friend. I still stand by the fact that there’s nothing wrong with those things. In fact, some of my posts this month will talk about those methods of self-care, too because they are equally important! But, I also feel that it’s time to talk about the other end of self-care. The side that most people feel uncomfortable talking about because not all of us have been in that place before.

It’s hard to relate to something you may have never had to deal with, however you can still show empathy and compassion for those who view self-care in a different way than you do. The goal of self-care is to focus on what will improve your life, and will ultimately create a more blissful, healthier YOU!

Remember that some people are going through some heavy hardships in their life. They might not have it all together, and self-care might be taking a shower for the first time this week because they are struggling with depression. It might be someone going out to eat with their friends for the first time in months because they suffer from debilitating anxiety. You never know what someone may be going through, so always offer encouragement and support when someone is excited about the form of self-care they are indulging in. You never know how much it could impact their life in a positive way.

The purpose of self-care is simple: it’s an understanding that you need to take time to do things that will help you—whatever that means in this season of life. Tell me, what does self-care look like to you? What are some ways that you have indulged in self-care that may look differently to someone else? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

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  • YES! I recently let go of a toxic relationship and my whole life changed! I feel happier mentally. Bath bombs are fun but they sometimes don’t deal with the underlying problem!

    • YAS! That’s amazing girl! I let go of quite a few toxic people from college. There’s no room for bad friends here✌🏼🙌🏼

  • I hate that life gets so busy that self-care falls by the wayside sometimes, but this is such a great reminder of its importance!

  • I think self care can be about taking time for yourself for things like a bath or a nap but I also think self care is about the tough stuff too. For me self care is sometimes about going to therapy and working through things or journaling to reflect, sometimes it is about giving something up (like drinking on a week night or shopping so I can save money). Great post!!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more girl, and that’s why I felt so strongly about writing more on this topic!

  • Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Oh, for sure! I’m a big supporter (and practicer) of adult coloring! It’s soooo relaxing! And I definitely need to put my phone down a bit more, for sure!

    • I think we all could make more time where we aren’t on our phones. There’s always room for improvement!

  • Anna Hubbard

    This is a great post! While I do enjoy activities like adult coloring, I also think that self care has a deeper meaning. I’ve been putting more money into savings now, and it feels really good to do so.

    • YES! It’s amazing how beneficial it is to look at self care differently because paying off debt and working on your savings does matter. Thanks, girl!

  • This is such a good point. I always thought I wasn’t good at self-care. I’m extremely busy and don’t often take the time to just go for a walk, or color. And then a friend told me she thought I was great at self-care: she said that the time I spend on my blog (which I love), going for a run, or even treating myself to a Stitch Fix once in awhile all count. And I thought that was cool because I’d never thought about it that way.

    • I agree with your friend for sure. Just always a reminder that self care will look different for everyone and that’s okay!

  • This is so, so good, Kiara! Exactly what I try to get across in my self-care posts, too. There’s a time for bath bombs, but there always need to be a time for more intentional practices, too!

    • Thank you, Summer! Yes, once here for the bath bombs of course. But I’m also here for the tough tasks that also are part of self care.

  • I think this is such an important point! Different things are going to work for everyone as far as self-care. It doesn’t all have to be baths and face masks (although those are fun)! I love to read and go to the gym as my self-care!

    • Preach! I’m with you on working out. Walking really helps my physical, mental and emotional health personally and I find it to be such an important part of my routine.

  • Yes! I love this so much! I feel like in so many ways we just brush the surface of self-care when we discuss it, because it is all about bath bombs and taking time to read a book. Reading is important for me in self-care, because it makes me feel centered and grounded to spend some time before bed reading a book. But equally as important for me in self-care is crossing my personal to-do items off my to-do list. I get so wrapped up in the work I do for clients and I want to prioritize them. I don’t see that as bad–they’re paying clients, I should make them a priority in my life. But I can’t serve them as well if I’m not taking care of myself as well. When I let things pile up on my desk or I haven’t or I haven’t taken care of my own admin work, I start to get frustrated and anxious. Taking time to complete those tasks help me focus 100% on my clients when I work for them. And for me, all of that is included in self-care.

    • I see exactly where you’re coming from because that’s a big part of your time is your job. So it’s important to look at that area, too. And yes, you can’t help clients when you aren’t helping yourself. So I’m happy you learn how to balance your client’s work and your personal work too.

  • Amanda Schreiber

    Thank you for this. It’s so important! I’ve learned that the stereotypical ‘bath bomb’ self care isn’t for me. I mean, I love baths and bath bombs…but the thought of setting aside time for that everyday stresses me out. For me, self care is about having time to plan out my day, having a few minutes to cook my meals, and being able to get to bed on time.

    • I am right there with you. Sometimes, you don’t have an hour to pamper yourself twice a week and call it self care. But Sundays are my special day because I meal prep for the week, plan out my week, get things done around the house, and have a little time for myself.

  • I had a very eye-opening experience at the end of last year that made me realize that I NEEDED to do more than take a bath once in a while to make sure I was really caring for myself. I needed to set boundaries (and learn to say no!) and that I needed to cut out toxic relationships in my life. It’s helped SO much since I’ve learned to make those things a priority!

    • That’s so amazing to hear, Chelsie! I’m happy you’ve been taking some HUGE steps toward focusing on yourself and working on some self care practices in your life. I’m glad that everyone is seeing how differently self care can look for others.

  • Yes to all of this! I actually don’t take baths to often (I’m a shower girl) so bath bombs aren’t really a self care activity that I enjoy haha.

    • I know many people who are the same way! I’m fine with either personally!

  • Love this!! I agree that self care is so much more then just treating yourself to a bath bomb,etc. I find that being able to spend time with the ones I love really does me some good. Also, paying off bills is taking off stress from you.

    • Yes to paying off bills! There’s nothing better than a little financial freedom! Thanks so much for your comment, girl!

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