Fall Makeup Routine 2015

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on October 26, 2015


Now that it’s fall, my makeup routine changes pretty drastically. I typically don’t wear any face makeup, and I don’t wear much eyeshadow or lipstick. In fall, I add a lot more steps in my daily makeup routine, which is why I decided to share the products I use on a regular basis.

Of course, I try not to wear a full face of makeup everyday because of time constraints, laziness, etc. But, I do switch out the majority of my makeup from spring and summer to fall and winter. Leave a comment below telling me your must-have makeup products for fall!


1. Benefit POREfessional Primer: $31

I never used primer before purchasing this from Benefit, now I refuse to wear BB cream or face makeup without it!

2. Revlon Photoready BB Cream: $9

I try not to spend a ton of money on face makeup because I don’t wear it every single day, so I stick to a BB cream.

3. Lancôme Concealer: $31

When I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup, I put concealer under my eyes, add a little mascara, and maybe a touch of lipstick for color and that’s it.

4. Elizabeth Arden Bronzer: (similar $30)

I wish I could find a more comparable bronzer. (And, I really wish this exact bronzer was available.) If you have any bronzer recommendations for winter, please leave a comment below!

5. Brow Pencil: (similar $7)

I don’t know how I lived without filling in my brows until college. Brow pencils are a necessity in my routine regardless of the season.

6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer: $20

I have used this primer religiously for the last three years, and it’s still a staple in my routine.

7. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: $54 (colors used in look-Burnout, Trick and Mugshot)

I use this palette all-year long. As much as I love other palettes, I always come back to this one.

8. Lancôme Liquid Liner: $30

If you struggle with winged eyeliner, this makes it easy for anyone. Yes, I promise.

9. Lancôme Defincils Mascara: $27

This is my all-time favorite mascara, which I’ve been using for over a year now.

10. Lancôme Lipstick: $30 (color-244 Rose Amnesia)

I’ve been wearing this shade every single day since September 1. It’s warm, subtle and complements many different skin tones.

How does your makeup routine change from summer to fall? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • You gave me some great ideas today! Thanks for sharing your routine. I’m jealous of your Naked pallette! I’m thinking about investing in one soon. I’ve had my eye on it forever!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      I just convinced a coworker to invest in the palette last night at Sephora! I promise it will become your favorite palette that you’ll use all-year long. You will surely get your money’s worth form it! Thank so much for your comment 🙂

  • Except for colors, I have never thought about switching out spring/fall makeup. My skin care routine is pretty much the same year round. One new product I have started to use lately is the Flawless Definition mascara from Bare Escentuals. A rep offered me a trial version, and when I told them I didn’t wear mascara because it always made my eyes hurt, she practically guaranteed that theirs wouldn’t. Sure enough, their mascara is the only one I’ve tried that hasn’t hurt me eyes. The rep said it’s most likely because their mascara – unlike most brands – does not contain any tar. Who knew.

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Thank you so much for your comment! It’s crazy how much makeup can affect your skin if you have sensitive skin. So glad you found an awesome product to use!

  • I’ve been trying to find a decent BB cream but most of them are overpriced in my opinion. I haven’t seen this one from Revlon before. I’m intrigued! I tend to wear darker lips in the fall and winter. It is one of the only things I change up.

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