Dear Women,

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on February 10, 2016


Dear Women,

You are capable of so many incredible things.

Yes, you!

I know you might not believe that because there are so many focuses against you in media, government policies, business, and more. They’re trying to tear you down.

But you don’t have to let them tear you down because you are much stronger than the forces against you.
You’re beautiful no matter what the media portrays as “beauty.” Beauty is every size, every color, every age and every cultural background. Your natural features (even the ones you hate) are beautiful because they are yours. Please don’t forget that.

Every woman out there is at a different point in their life, and I’m sure they’re all equally questioning their worth because that is what standards do to you—they make you believe that your choices are wrong and inferior. Regardless of what season you are in life, I hope you relate to one of these stages:

For the women in college, there are three numbers that will NEVER define you: your GPA, the number of people you slept with, or the number on the scale. Remember that. There is so much more to you than numbers, so please don’t associate them with other women or yourself. We are stronger than that.

To the women who are out of college and trying to find their place in the world, don’t give up. You might go through jobs, rejections, redirection for your career and more; but keep chasing your dreams. Be a dream chaser. I promise you will find your place, and you will be happy. But if you’re not happy, I hope you feel confident in yourself to make changes so that you can be happy.

To women who are mothers, If you want to stay home and raise your children—wonderful. If you want to be a working mom so you can support your family’s financial needs—that’s equally wonderful. Don’t let someone think you’re doing the wrong things. You’re doing what’s best for you and your family. Remember that you’re doing the best you can, and that IS enough.

To women in their 50s and 60s, I can’t fully relate with what you’re going through at this point in your life. But I can tell you that doing what makes you happy is always the best decision. No matter what that may entail. On an unrelated note, don’t forget that you need to take time for yourself. You’ve raised a family and worked for years. If you can do one thing, make sure it’s to focus on yourself and your happiness.

To every woman out there,
You’re brave, you’re beautiful, and you’re worthy of all good things. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

And I hope you always feel loved. Because you deserve it.

I hope you felt some encouragement from this post. Please share a comment of encouragement to other women.

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  • I love this! Such a beautiful post with words of encouragement. Definitely something I needed to hear today, thank-you!

  • Love, love, love this post! I am a huge fan of open-ended letters, and this one hits the nail on the head. SO encouraging!

    XO, Rachel

  • I love this and totally needed it. I’m a mom and sometimes it feels like you can never win, no matter what you do. Thank you <3

    • My goal is to change that mentality to we can always win, no matter what we do! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Amber!

  • Beautiful thoughts! Thank you so much. We really are amazing as women and I so appreciate your words of encouragement.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment, Kailei! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed reading it!

  • Jessica Hughes

    I LOVE THIS!! Thank you for making me feel empowered!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jessica! So glad you know that you felt good after reading it! It makes me know that it was worth writing! 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  • This is wonderful!! Women are strong and beautiful and as long as you keep on being you that’s all that matters. Wonderful, thought and encouraging post 🙂

    • Thank you, Hannah! So glad to know you enjoyed reading it!

  • Thank you for this. It’s so good to see a positive blog post . It’s like a magic bullet of confidence for the day.

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! And I couldn’t agree more!

  • Natalina Sents

    Mmm! Exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you! <3

    • Thanks so much, Natalina! I’m glad to hear it 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  • Neely

    This so much this! Beautifully written and so accurate!

  • Sheila

    Dear Blissfully Brunette,
    As a woman in her 50’s what I can tell you is for every tear and heartache I had when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s I wish I hadn’t spent so much time thinking I had to be the perfect daughter, wife and mom and just enjoyed being me. Laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh. Don’t let the world’s view of women tell you who you are, but hold steadfast to God’s truth and let Him remind you who you are. The best advice I can give you is don’t compare yourself to your grandmother, mother or sisters or any other woman because it sets you up for failure every time. God doesn’t want you to be them, He wants you to be you. Make prayer the foundation of your existence. When you talk to God often, it drowns out all the other voices. Don’t be afraid to be different or have your own opinion. Celebrate the big and the little things. Don’t become so busy you don’t have time for family. You will always be your mommy’s little girl no matter how old you are and sometimes we just need you to give us a hug and hold our hand and tell us everything will be ok, like we did for you when you were young. Time is precious and make every day meaningful even if it means just enjoying a sunset or saying a kind word. Dance with your husband on a Monday night and kiss in front of your kids. Have a water fight on a hot afternoon and ice-cream for dinner. Don’t let the schedule control you, but you control your schedule. Most of all know how proud we are of all of you in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s for all of your insights, abilities and talents. We know the next generation is safely in your hands.

    Thanks for this beautiful post and for being Jesus Glitter to my heart 🙂

    • Shelia,

      Your kind comment sincerely warmed my heart more than you could ever know! Thank you for taking the time to share wisdom and love with me and other women out there who are reading your comment as well! I always say that comparison is the thief of joy–and you made it perfectly clear that it remains true. We should always focus on becoming our best self instead of becoming like someone else. I truly appreciate your comment, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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