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on January 22, 2018

Can you believe that we’ve already made it an entire month into 2018?

I’ve been extremely happy in the new year, which is mostly to do with the fact that I’ve been feeling SO inspired with new content for the blog. P.S. Next week, I’ll be sharing an exciting announcement that will give you an idea of the type of posts you’ll be seeing on the blog in February. Needless to say, I’ve been cracking down on this content to give you something to look forward to all month long, so I hope you’re ready for it.

Today, I’m sharing all the things I loved in January from blog posts to things happening in my own life and a mix of everything in between. Make sure to tell me what you loved this past month. I would love to read everything in the comments below!

1| House projects + Housewarming party

January was a month where we got to focus on some small house projects before we had our housewarming party. It’s amazing to see the changes you make to your own home. I truly have loved being a homeowner, and it has been wonderful to work on projects to make it our own. We also have been preparing for our housewarming that was this past Saturday. We invited family and friends to see our place or to see the updates we’ve made over the last month. There are still many projects we are planning for the rest of the year, but we’re very happy with how much we have been able to do since we’ve moved in. Are you working on any house projects in your home?

2| Getting organized

Because it’s not a new year unless you’re planning your life away, right?

What I’ve been loving about January is that I have felt this motivation to really organize my life. You know, like going through high school awards and asking myself why I was holding on to such silly things. I’ve also been considering using a bullet journal to keep everything in one spot rather than having appointments in my phone, a work calendar at the office, and a planner for a mix of everything else. So, if you have a bullet journal would you recommend it? If you have any posts to share on creating one, drop those links in the comments for me. I would love to know your thoughts if you’ve been using one.

3| Wedding planning

Wedding planning went on a full-blown hold in November and December. With moving into the house, working during a busy season, and enjoying the holidays, there wasn’t time to commit to wedding plans. Now that the new year hit, I’ve been in planning mode for the bridal showers, bachelorette party and some last-minute things for the big day. Between plans with a florist, and booking the hair and makeup artists for the big day, I’m happy with how much I’ve accomplished over this month. I always believe that planning ahead will always benefit you because then we can fully enjoy the other plans we have for the next several months.

4| Cozy sweaters

If I could buy 10 different sweaters that were similar to the one above, I would SO do it. We had a temporary heat wave in PA for two days, but now we’re back to 10-degree weather and praying for spring to come around. To make the cold a little more tolerable, I’ve been loving my biggest, coziest sweaters this month. I’ve also been indulging in hygge. It has really become trendy over the last few months, and you can read more about why you need this danish term in your life. I definitely recommend it if you’re a lover of good food, good company and all those cozy vibes.

5| Dreaming of our honeymoon

Although I’ve been trying to make the most of winter with hygge, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t dreaming about our honeymoon to Playas Mujeres in Mexico. It’s the first beach vacation where Josh and I will be able to relax for a full week together without working on the house, work, or any other commitments we have. All of the trips Josh and I take together have been city trips like Boston, D.C., etc. I realized the last time I was on a beach was in the ninth grade in Florida, so you can see why I’m pumped for a luxurious getaway.

6| Feeling Inspired

In January, I cut the excuses and made things happen. Instead of wishing I would wake up and eat healthier, I woke up and began doing it. I’ve been writing down everything I eat each day, and it has been great to see the progress of my decision-making when it comes to food. I never feel guilty for treating myself to something I want to eat, especially now that I’ve been tracking every day. I’ve also been CRAZY inspired to blog. One day, I sat down and cracked out six blog posts in one day. Now, that doesn’t count editing, creating images, social sharing, etc. But it feels SO GOOD to get hit with that inspiration and motivation. I’ve been loving all the feel-good inspiration that has been coming my way; and I’m holding onto it for as long as I can.

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What have you been loving this month? Make sure to share any blogs posts from your blog that you have loved, or let me know what have been your best memories from the first month of the year!

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  • So many fun things this month! I really love the journal idea – so interesting to do the sleep log too! It really helps you put things into perspective!

    • Yes, right!? Sleep is so important, so why not log it daily to keep track.

  • I’m waiting for some cozy sweaters that I ordered recently! Fun post.

  • Gabby Young

    I’ve been working on a bullet journal too! It’s been totally helpful organizing me for my final semester of college!!

    • I’ve tried working on a bullet journal, but I haven’t been able to get into logging in it every single day like I would like. I really want to keep trying at it in February, but it has been hard to stay on top of.

  • January is the perfect time to get organized! I love the layout of your blog.

    • Thanks so much, girl! And yes, I completely agree with you on getting organized during the first two months of the year.

  • I have absolutely loved: having my daughter. I have two boys (4 and 19m) and thought I’d never have a girl. Our pregnancy was a super surprise (goodbye IUD?) but she’s perfect AND my tubes are cut and tied finally. It’s been awesome. She was born on the 7th!

    • Congrats! That’s so amazing to hear 🙂 I’m sure you have been having so much fun spending time with her this month.

  • That sweater looks so cozy! I had never heard of Hygge before, but I just read your post about it and I am all for it! Glad you’ve been enjoying it 🙂 Also, yay for housewarmings, getting stuff done, and wedding planning! I was just in that area of Mexico back in November and absolutely LOVED it! Can’t wait to go back sometime.

    • You’ll have to tell me any recommendations you have for that area because I would LOVE to know. And yes girl, you definitely need to get some hygge in your life ASAP because it is so amazing and it will definitely help you appreciate winter more!

  • I’ve definitely been feeling more motivation to get organized this month. I don’t have a bullet journal but I do have a planner I’ve been using on a more regular basis!

    • I’m thinking that I might use a bullet journal as more of a daily to-do list log, but I won’t get into any fancy planning like weekly calendar spreads, or other unique logs. I honestly don’t think I’m creative enough to do all of the charts you see on Pinterest, haha!

  • Tami

    I’ve also been feeling motivated to get organized! Love using my bullet journal. 🙂 I’d like to make a sleep log like that one to track my sleep because I haven’t been sticking to a consistent schedule, haha. Great post!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, girl! And getting organized has been so great for the beginning of 2018. I feel like my office at work and at home are both exactly what I want, and that helps me stay motivated and productive when I work!

  • ohh hey!! thanks for including my post!! Congrats on making such big strides with organizing and wedding planning! And I can’t believe the last time you were on a beach was 9th grade!! Girl, we have to get you to FL!! 🙂

    • YES WE DO! I cannot wait to relax later this year without a care in the world–except for what bathing suit I’m going to wear that day, haha! We have the great lakes here in the northeast, but it’s not the same as southern sunshine and enjoying the ocean!

  • I can’t believe we are already at the end of January! I love that you track your sleeping in your bullet journal. I need to try that!

    • There are so many things you can track regularly in a bullet journal, which I LOVE, but I found that I haven’t been able to track everything that I want to track, so I’m hoping to grow on this more as 2018 moves along.

  • Sounds like you’ve had a lot of exciting things happening lately. Wedding planning was so much fun for me so I love hearing about other’s wedding planning experiences.

    • So far, wedding planning has felt like a breeze because our venue has everything: it’s where our ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and there are two hotels on the property, too. So they do the food, provide music, they even have a florist. So, I haven’t really had to worry a lot about the small details.

  • Gabby Young

    I’ve been LOVING bullet journaling! It lets you customize your planner directly to your needs!

    • You’ll have to share some inspiration and tips with me because I started off SO WELL, but then it became hard to keep up with every single day. But I am still working on it!

  • I’ve been working on organizing and just waking up and getting stuff done in January, too. I love your sleep tracker in your bullet journal! That’s definitely something I should do.

    • It’s amazing how much you can track in a journal, which is why I loved the idea of a bullet journal to begin with. I’m really hoping to work on it and make it more of a habit for the rest of 2018!

  • Girl I am ALL about bullet journals – I love that you can customize them for exactly what you need! Highly recommend!

    • Yes, I’m still working on getting used to tracking and logging everything every single day, but it’s always a work in progress. I’m also finding that it’s okay if I don’t want to have a ton of logs in my journal, and use it more for daily to-reminders, plans, ideas, etc.

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