Birchbox Review: May Edition

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on June 6, 2016


I can’t believe this is my last Birchbox from my six-month membership. I am planning an upcoming post where I review my entire Birchbox experience, so be sure to look out for that next week.

My April Birchbox and my May Birchbox were both huge successes in comparison to my other four boxes since December, so I’m happy to say my subscription ended on a high note. Let’s get into my last monthly review:

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo | $24

Guys, you know how much I love my dry shampoos, and this one was no exception. Although I love the Batiste Dry Shampoo, this brand is just as wonderful. I will say that it’s a little pricey in comparison to other brands, but I noticed I don’t use as much to see the product working. I am also in love with the scent Sea Buckthorn Berry because the scent lasts for the majority of the day. This was one of my favorite products from this month’s box.

Coola Daydream SPF 30 Mineral Makeup Primer | $42

I’m a scent-oriented person. Unfortunately, if I don’t like the scent of something (especially something that’s going on my face) I won’t like it.  The Coola makeup primer worked well, but I couldn’t get past the scent of iris, white lily and honeysuckle notes. However, I will say that I loved it contained SPF 30 in the formula, but the price of $42 seemed to be a little high for me. Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this product if given the option, but it was the only product I didn’t love from this month’s box.


Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion | $58

I have found my new obsession. Yes, this is extremely expensive, so I understand if you’re not interested because you’re on a budget, but this “scrub” is perfect for sensitive skin. It left my skin feeling refreshed and bright, and I love the scent of the product. Personally, I think it’s important to invest in face products because I’m crazy about taking care of my skin and my skin-care routine. This is a product I will invest in since you only use it once or twice a week.

Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner | $16

The first product I fell in love with from Birchbox was my Eyeko liquid eyeliner. However, this version is a little easier if you’re interested in applying winged eyeliner. This mascara is equal in quality and affordability for those who are on a budget. Personally, I am very weary of purchasing eyeliners in store because I feel like most brands of eyeliners don’t work well for me, so I’m glad I was introduced to this brand. I will definitely purchase this product for myself for awhile.

Tocca Crema de Mano | $10

I typically don’t get excited for simple products like hand cream, but I will say that I am in love with this scent. The notes of green tea and lemon are very calming, which is why I think this hand cream will be perfect to keep in my office at work. The cream contains coconut oil and shea butter, so it’s extremely moisturizing for your skin. I wish the full-priced size was a little larger, but $10 for a small quantity isn’t worth the purchase for me, even if I enjoy it.


Overall, this month’s Birchbox was a success, and there are some products I know I will buy in the future. I would love to know if you loved your Birchbox from this month.

What did you receive in your May Birchbox? Have you ever tried some of these products I’ve mentioned? Make sure to share in the comments!

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  • I have been really wanting to try dry shampoo. You just reminded me of that!

    • I would definitely recommend the Amika brand or Batiste if you’re looking for something a little more affordable.

  • Kristen Lawler

    I’ve never subscribed to a beauty subscription before bc they seem so hot and miss. Have you ever tried Scentbird? They send you one large perfume sample every month and at first I thought it was an eh idea but I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s nice to try different scents too.

    • Really!? I’ve never heard of that, but it’s definitely something I’m interested in considering I love scents and perfumes. Thanks so much for sharing, and I’ll be sure to look into it!

  • That hand cream actually sounds awesome! I’m a huge sucker for anything coconut oil though

    • I completely agree! But I love how little product you need to fully moisturize your hands. Although the regular size product is still small, I might consider buying it just because it’s so effective!

  • I am going to check out that dry shampoo. I need a new one and I’m all about something that smells good!

  • The pore dermabrasion sounds awesome! I always love skin products that help with exfoliation! 🙂

  • oh cool! Not a big fan of Birchbox, to be honest, as I never liked what I got in my boxes when I used to subscribe to it, but they do seem to have upped their game in recent years. I love COOLA esp their tropical coconut sport spray (which smells amazing if you like tropical type scents for spf!)

  • I recently received a dry shampoo in my Target Beauty box and it’s changed my life.

  • I received one Birchbox about two years ago and hated it. It looks like they have stepped up their game a little. You got some really great products! I am also one where scent plays a big decision on if I buy something or not. I recently just got into trying dry shampoos. I will have to check this one out! And that hand cream sounds amazing.

  • Neely

    That is hands down my fav dry shampoo!

  • That Birch Box looks amazing!!


    Miss Olivia Says

  • sara

    This looks like an awesome box. I am such a sucker for monthly boxes.

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