Beauty Basics: What’s Your Skin Type

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on March 16, 2015

BB31615There are a lot of people who are questioning their skin type, so don’t feel bad if you’re not sure where your skin lies on the spectrum. It’s important to know your skin type because it’ll help you buy the best products to help your skin’s health. There are a few simple factors to consider with your skin to determine your skin type. You’ll add a little bliss in your routine when you learn the benefits of knowing what products to buy to help your skin.

First, there are four categories your skin type can fall under: oily, dry, normal or combination. Second, there are three main factors you want to consider regarding your skin: amount of blemishes, pores and sensitivity. You need to take this into consideration when purchasing products because it can make or break how clear your skin is. Let’s break this down by skin type.


Those with oily skin are more apt to have large pores, shiny skin with an above average amount of blemishes, blackheads and breakouts. You know you have oily skin if your skin feels greasy or appears shiny.


People who identify with dry skin have pores that are invisible. However, they also have an overall dull, rough complexion. They are likely to have red, blotchy patches or general irritation. You have dry skin if you have light acne but strong sensitivity.


People who have normal skin are considered the lucky ones. They have few to no imperfections, no visible pores, no sensitivity, and their complexion is generally radiant. But, this doesn’t mean you can skin on cleanser, moisturizer, etc.


For people who have combination skin,  you have large pores with some blemishes and blackheads. The problem with combination skin is that you can have some areas of your skin feel dry and other sections appear oily.

I hope this post helped you learn more about your skin and how your type can determine what products will work best for you.

Do you know what your skin type is? Make sure to leave your skin type in a comment below and what products you love for your skin!

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  • Thank you for sharing! It is tricky to figure out your skin type, but so important to know!

  • I would have to say mine is dry but not too bad surprising since I use a lot of powder because I don’t like feeling greasy lol

    • I definitely understand not wanting to feel greasy! I have combination skin, so some areas are greasy and other are dry. Thanks for your comment!

  • I think mine is mostly dry, so I’m all about the moisturizers! :]

    • Dry skin can be an easy fix with some lotion and SPF! Thanks for the comment!

  • I have oily skin and it absolutely stinks! I love your blog, especially the background with all these lovely flowers 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and compliment on my blog! I really appreciate it. And I can understand why having oily skin is difficult. Have you tried using a toner? It helps restore the pH balance in your skin.

  • I’m definitely a combo! I have huge pores around my lips and nose, but my forehead gets super dry!

    • I feel your pain except my chin gets dry. It’s hard to buy some products for combination skin. Thanks for the comment!

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