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20 NO-SPEND, self-care ideas for the weekend!

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on February 21, 2018

I’m all about saving money.

My family jokes about this regularly, but I know we’re all trying to save for future homes, children, travel plans, or our own business. And let’s be honest, existing is freakin’ expensive, y’all.

What I’m saying is that you don’t need to be all Pinterest-y, and spend tons of money on $10 bath bombs, bottles of wine, and $7 coffees from a cute cafe to indulge in self-care. Self-care shouldn’t be about spending money. However, it’s okay if you want to treat yourself, but I know not everyone has the bank account to treat themselves at any given time. That’s why I’m sharing 20 no-spend, self-care ideas that you can save when you need a little pick-me-up that easy and FOR FREE!

So, if you’re looking to experience some self-care this weekend and you’re on a budget, fear not because your girl is sharing a list you can save for future self-care weekends!


1| Take a shower + deep condition your hair.

Treat yourself a little pampering because there’s nothing better than NOT spending $40 on a manicure.

2| Walk outside or bike on a trail.

Get yourself out in nature, and you’ll feel the benefits instantly.

3| Try a free workout class at a gym.

You might meet new people AND find a new workout you love!

4| Cook a meal at home for date night.

Cooking together AND saving money sounds like the best kind of night.

5| Color in a coloring book.

Doing something creative always helps calm your mind.

6| Play with animals at a local shelter.

Dog therapy IS SO REAL, friends!

7| Challenge yourself to eat healthy for an entire day or weekend.

You’ll feel good about yourself and your body will feel even better.

8|  Declutter your digital life.

I’m sorry about organizing anything is a form of a self-care for me.

9| Explore your town like a tourist. 

Visit statues, museums, and local parks to explore your town that you may never have seen before!

10| Invite friends over for a girl’s night.

All you need are good friends, and some music to have a good time.

11| Watch Netflix and drink hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate + favorite show = a great night!

12| FaceTime a family member or a friend to catch up.

Chatting with loved ones regularly is great for personal self-care, especially if you can’t see family often.

13| Bake treats for you and your friends.

You thought I wasn’t going to mention dessert in this list?

14| Enjoy live music at a cafe or park.

Who says you need to pay $300 for a good time?!

15| Journal.

Writing your thoughts on paper is a such a beautiful form a therapy. Try it!

16| Create a playlist and dance it out.

Want to boost your mood instantly? Blast some of your favorite music and have fun.

17| Turn off your phone for a day and practice mindfulness.

Yes, an entire day. Yes, you have a ton of activities to fill your time. You got this.

18| Read, or reread one of your favorite books.

Escape your own life to go read about someone else’s.

19| Play board games with friends.

Scattegories is so underrated, TBH.

20| Go to the beach and watch the sunset.

Whether it’s 70 degrees or 30 degrees, there’s nothing more beautiful than a sunset.

What self-care activity are you going to treat yourself to this weekend? Do you have any other no-spend ideas? Make sure to share them in the comments below!

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FebYOUary: Why Self-Care Should be in Your Routine

Posted in Health
on February 19, 2018

Hello, sweet friends!

I have to say that last week’s post struck me hard because MANY friends of mine said they have never considered scheduling in self-care like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment or a workout session at the gym. And then it hit me that there may be a ton of other people who aren’t practicing self-care regularly simply because they don’t make the time for it in their lives.

Why aren’t we making our own well-being a priority? 

Why aren’t we scheduling time for ourselves like we schedule any other health appointment?

To be honest, it’s concerning we are so quick to not seem the importance of self-care and practicing it regularly. Self-care has several areas that you should focus on: physical, emotional, personal, professional, etc. There are many ways you can incorporate these self-care practices in your life. Remember that self-care isn’t all about bath bombs. Sometimes, it takes some time and some messy realizations in order to get your life on track. Sometimes, it takes letting go of negative relationships in order to make time for yourself again. Sometimes, it’s actually using your vacation days because you are burnt out and exhausted from life altogether. But, there’s something essential I feel like we all are forgetting when it comes to focusing on self-care.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about why you need to focus on self-care, and I talked about a similar example to the quote above. Both resonate with me strongly because it’s sad that we are always thinking about other people when we also need to be thinking about ourselves. We need to make sure we take care of ourselves so that we can continue to help other people in the process.

That why today I’m sharing why self-care should be part of your regular routine and some tips on how to keep going!

1| It’s part of your health

Just like getting your teeth cleaned, and visiting your doctor regularly, self-care is just as important as those other areas of health. The problem is that we often mistake self-care for needless rest or a little treat yourself session. In reality, it can be much more than that. Check in with yourself regularly, and schedule self-care session weekly or monthly.

2| It will help you achieve your goals

It’s nothing profound, really. When you make time for yourself and your well-being, you’re more energized to take on the day ahead of you because you gave yourself time to rest and get your life in order. When you regularly practice self-care, you avoid things like burn out, stress, and other negative adjectives. So, if you’re passionate about any of the projects you’re working on, you’ll understand that you need self-care frequently in order to achieve those goals.

3| Create a self-care map to get inspired

Take out a blank sheet of paper and draw four different circles on it. Label the circles the following: Personal, Physical, Emotional/Psychological and Professional. Now, write down ways you can practice self-care pertaining to those specific areas. Keep the map as a reminder to practice one area of self-care each week, and keep yourself in check.

4| Focus on journal prompts to learn more about yourself

I haven’t been journaling as often as I used to, but recently I rediscovered my love for writing and using it as a tool to learn more about myself in the process. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and the life you want to live by searching journal prompts to expand on. Next week, I’ll be sharing some other journal prompts you can write about as a form of self-care as well!

  1. What does you ideal day look like?
  2. What habit would you like to break?
  3. What do you need more of in your life?
  4. What are your current priorities that will help you achieve your goals?
  5. What is something you want change about your life?

What are some other journal prompts you have written about that have helped you learn more about yourself? Make sure to share your ideas in the comments!

I hope this blog post inspired you to plan and schedule self-care in your routine regularly, so that you can help yourself before you help others. What forms of self-care do you enjoy to indulge in? Make sure to share all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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FebYOUary: 10 Ways to Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I’m hoping that this post will help you rethink this holiday. Instead of being focused on being in love or not being in love, I think we can restructure this holiday to be about the love we have for ourselves.

Related: 5 Reasons to Make Self-Love A Priority

Self-love is all about nourishing the relationship you have with yourself. To be honest, that’s a pretty important relationship you should always be focusing on. Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to practice self-love not only on Valentine’s Day, but any day where you want to show a little gratitude toward yourself!

1| Self-love affirmations.

Choose some words of wisdom that truly stick out to you, and use it as a daily mantra or affirmation that you say to yourself at the beginning of each day. Not only will this bring your spirits up, but this will also serve as a reminder that you deserve love, and you deserve to treat yourself with kindness and respect. Therefore, you shouldn’t accept anything other than kindness and respect from others, you feel? Here are some affirmations that you can use:

“I am enough.”

“What you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.”

Are there any mantras you love? Make sure to share them below!

2| Journal to focus on your relationship with yourself.

What compliment do you refuse to accept about yourself? What do you need to forgive yourself for? Oftentimes, we overlook the things we aren’t happy about with ourselves, and shadow them with negative self talk. Instead, forgive yourself for what you did wrong when you were 17. Forgive yourself because you are human, and you are going to make mistakes. That’s okay. Instead of turning to negative self talk, try journaling to learn more about yourself in the process, so you can get to the root of the problem. Write everything down as a way of learning more about yourself in the process.

3| What is something you need to say yes to?

Saying yes and doing things that you love are both important. So make sure that you’re making time to do the things you love. With the help of minimalism, you’re able to create more time, money and energy for things you’re passionate about. You also have time to focus on the goals that mean the most to you so you can live your most blissful life.

4| What is something you need to say no to?

It’s equally important to say no as it is to say yes, so make sure you’re paying attention to what you say yes to and when you need to say no. Don’t commit to projects or events that you truly don’t want to be part of. If you have a ton on your plate, be honest about it at work, so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed. The key is communication and being honest with yourself on what you can handle.

5| Treat yourself to something special.

You don’t need a significant other or anyone else to have an enjoyable night! We know that self-care isn’t all about bath bombs, put pour yourself a glass of wine and watch a cheesy, romantic Hallmark movie. Or, you can take yourself out on a date. Bring your laptop to your favorite coffee place and relax while catching up on YouTube videos. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something that you enjoy!

6| Give yourself a break.

You’re probably taking on a lot more than you realize. From working 40 hours a week, to cleaning and cooking, to spending time with loved ones, and making time for other commitments in your life —it can be difficult to focus on work-life balance. However, it’s not impossible. When you shut down for the day, make sure you aren’t bringing your work home. On the weekends, don’t consistently check emails. Remember that if there’s an emergency, someone will call you.

7| Do a lifestyle audit.

If you’ve been working on your vision board to achieve your goals, you probably have determined the big things you want to accomplish. Now, you need to focus on how you’re spending your time daily to make those dreams happen. How much time are you spending on social media? Is this helping achieve any one of your dreams? How can you better spend your time, so that you’re accomplishing everything on your list? Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is this helping me achieve my dreams?
  • Do I actually enjoy it?
  • What am I gaining by doing this?
  • Is this helping me to fulfill other needs in my life?

8| Fill your calendar with designated “me time.”

Schedule it in regularly just like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment or working out. The goal is to make sure you’re practicing self care regularly, and spending time with yourself whether you set aside 20 minutes or 2 hours. Enjoying time alone is a good thing even though it can be intimidating at first! If you want a separate post on learning to enjoy spending time alone, let me know in the comments!

9| Get rid of items that don’t make you feel good about your body.

Yes, decluttering your closet CAN be extremely therapeutic when you think about getting rid of anything and everything that doesn’t make you feel fierce and fabulous. You should only wear clothes that make you feel amazing and confident. Don’t own any clothes that don’t fit, or that you truly don’t enjoy. Trust me when I say that you won’t miss those old clothes.

10| Take a risk on something that excites you.

Accountability is a real thing, ya’ll. If there’s something that excites you, make sure you keep yourself accountable by enlisting the help of your support system. If you’re looking to write a book, have a few friends read the first draft to keep you on track. If you’re looking to sell a new product, have some bloggers test it out to see what they think of it! If it’s important to you, you will work on it regularly, and your friends and family will be there to support you. Remember that the goal here is to BELIEVE in yourself and believe in your dreams. Use those positive affirmations to help you along the way! Don’t let fear hold you back.

SO sweet friend, how are you going to practice self-love for the rest of the week? Make sure to share your plans for the weekend in the comments below, and share how you’re going to work on your relationship with yourself! 


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FebYOUary: 5 Things to Treat Yourself to This Week

Posted in Health, Lifestyle
on February 12, 2018

Friends, it’s important to treat yourself, but treating yourself doesn’t always have to be about indulging in your favorite dessert. (If that is your way of treating yourself, that’s great because I would love a cupcake right now.)

There are a lot of things you can treat yourself to that has nothing to do with dessert or a glass of wine. To be honest, I think it’s important we rethink the way we treat ourselves. Oftentimes, we get caught up in guilt after we treat ourselves, and that’s no bueno. Instead, think of the other ways you can treat yourself throughout the week that are nourishing for your soul, and don’t leave you feeling guilty in any way. If you’re looking for a few ways to treat yourself this week, keep on reading!

Treat yourself to…

1| A worthwhile morning. 

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than normal, so that you can have time to make AND enjoy breakfast at home with your morning cup of coffee. The beauty of simplifying your morning routine is that it can be a calm, positive experience to begin the day. However, the exact opposite can be said when you rush and running around to get out the door on time. So, take back your mornings and make mornings time for YOU! Take five minutes to do meditations, or focus on your mantra for the day while eating your meal. You’ll begin the day blissfully when you actually enjoy the mornings before work!

2| Time with people you love.

Spending time with friends and family is a wonderful thing. It’s amazing to see the affects of spending time with people who lift you up and bring nothing but happiness to your life. Make it a goal this week to grab lunch with your friend, or FaceTime your parents after work. The truth is that building and nourishing positive relationships in your life is important, and we should work on this regularly. Text your long distance bestie to let her know you’re thinking of her and catch up. The beauty of technology is we have the ability to do this without driving a few hours when the week is hectic. So, utilize that time to focus on important relationships in your life.

3| A meal that takes time/fresh ingredients.

I joke all the time that I don’t feel like I’m cooking when I use my crockpot or when I make a casserole because all you’re doing is dumping everything in one place and cooking it for a bit. It’s all easy peasy. Instead, encourage yourself to make a recipe out of your comfort zone and that doesn’t include frozen items. Get fresh bread from the bakery, fresh produce for your salad, and truly enjoy the process of making a home-cooked meal that you truly enjoy. Even if you don’t LOVE cooking, everyone can appreciate a fresh, wholesome meal that takes time and effort.

4| Re-organizing your life.

Don’t think of this as just organizing your cabinets and closets. Although, you could easily do this if it’s something that you feel is important to you! Turns out that your space could be the source of your stress and problems. Tackle that accordingly by taking time to purge your closet, master your morning and evening routine, and working on other small improvements to live a more blissful life altogether. You can also remove unnecessary, time-wasting activities like watching YouTube for three hours a day and replace it with working toward your goals. Treat yourself to time, and use that time wisely to create plans to achieve your dreams whether it’s with a hefty to-do list or a vision board.

5| Adequate rest.

REST, Y’ALL. It’s so flipping important, and I can’t express its importance enough. You deserve rest, and you need to treat yourself to rest. Set an alarm, and make it priority to get in bed at 11 p.m. every night. When you’re constantly working all hours of the night, your body and mind can’t properly recharge. This eventually will lead to stress, and you’ll realize you aren’t being as productive as you could be during the day. So, take the time to rest and treat yourself to adequate rest every single night. You will thank me for this one, I promise!

So tell me, what one of these things will YOU treat yourself to this week? What is something that you find important to treat yourself to regardless of the day or week? Make sure to share everything in the comments below!

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FebYOUary: 7 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Weekend

Posted in Beauty, Health
on February 7, 2018

Because Treat Yo’ self.

It’s February, and I know that you’re looking to treat yourself to a little pampering session. Most of us after even considered getting our nails done since the holidays, so why start now? Well, as we have learned so far, taking care of yourself is important, and you deserve to treat yourself to a some pampering this weekend. Instead of making too many plans that you can’t possible commit to in 48 hours, spend part of your weekend alone to take care of your mind, body and soul. If you’re looking to add a little bliss to your weekend, keep on reading!

1| Deep stretches

No, I’m not saying you need to go all out with a workout here. I’m saying that it’s amazing how calming and soothing stretching is for your muscles. You can even give yourself a massage throughout the process. Stretching is in a sense, therapy, because of how it relaxes your muscles and removes tension and pain from your body. It’s something we should do FAR more than we should. So, if you don’t feel like making your own face mask, spend 20 minutes really stretching out your body and working on your muscles.

2| Treat yo hair

Now, if you’re into all the DIY treatments and fun things, you should treat your hair to a little pampering this weekend. I don’t know if you all have had the same CRAZY cold weather recently, but let me just say that my hair is not having it. We moisturize our skin, and we should also moisturize our hair with a deep-conditioning treatment. My favorite is simply adding coconut oil to the end of my hair, leaving it in for 10 minutes, and then get in the shower. I treat my hair by adding sugar to my shampoo while I wash the coconut oil out of my hair. Yes, you hear that right! It’s an easy way to exfoliate and treat your scalp to some TLC, too. Take your hair care a step further by not using heat-styling tools for the weekend. Your hair will thank you!

3| Essential oils + soundscapes

I never knew the hype around essentials oils until I began using them. Now, I’m a smell away from a luxurious spa. The power of scent and sound is truly incredible. I didn’t realize how pampered I could feel until I played into the sound and scent more in my home. I purchased my first essential oil, and I massage it into my temples, behind my ears, and neck. While I do that, I play soundscapes like a thunderstorm, rainforest sounds, or sounds of the ocean. Needless to say, after 10 minutes, I feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s honestly my own form of meditation and now it’s something I look forward to practicing regularly.

4| Hygge

If you haven’t been on the Internet for the last year, you may not know what hygge is. Well, here’s what hygge is all about and why you need to incorporate it into your life. The main point of this Danish way of living is to create a calm and cozy atmosphere. All my candle-loving, hot-cocoa-drinking babes can rejoice! Set the mood with dimmed lights, your favorite warm drinks, candles, blankets, and enjoy the moment. How is this pampering, you ask? Oftentimes, we only see pampering as creating a spa-like environment in your home. Well, you can pamper your mind and soul by indulging in hygge. Another key component to hygge is about being present and enjoying the moment whether it’s with friends or by yourself. So, invite your close friends over for a nice meal and time together. Keep your phone away, and enjoy each other’s company.

5| Deep clean your skin

We’re talking about your entire skin, girl. You’re going to need about an hour or so for this much pampering, but I promise you will feel like a whole new person afterwards. Start with a deep exfoliating scrub all over your skin: arm, legs, elbows, knees, etc. Then, wash it off with warm, soapy water. Now, take the time to shave your legs (because I’m sure it has been awhile since it’s winter). Next, moisturize your skin all over to finish the job! Moving on to your face will take a few more steps, but begin again with a exfoliating treatment. After washing your skin, steam your pores with boiling hot water. Do this for about five minutes. Allow your skin to rest for a few minutes before applying your favorite sheet mask or pore-cleaning mask that has charcoal in it. Moisturize and apply your serum as normal and you will feel like you walked out of a 2-hour spa session!

6| At-home nail care

As if you needed another thing to pamper, am I right?! Sometimes, you need to give yourself a break from spending money at the salon on your manicures and pedicures. Instead, treat your nail and toes to an at-home, pampering session when they can get a little rest from the gel polish. Cut your nails and file them. Treat your cuticles to an oil treatment, and push back your cuticles. Massage cream into your hands for about 10 minutes, and you’re good to go. Repeat the same steps for your toes!

7| Rest

Is there anything more important than true rest? Pamper yourself by allowing yourself time to take a nap in the middle of the day, or going to bed two hours early, or by sleeping in an extra hour. Take time to lay on the couch and watch a few episodes of your favorite show. Take the time to rest your body properly. Between work, working out, and just being human—we need to give ourselves more time to rest. Allow yourself to do just that. Put on your comfy clothes, grab your coziest blanket, and relax.

What are some things YOU treat yourself to during a pamper session? How will you treat yourself this weekend? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

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