April Beauty Wish List

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on April 11, 2016


Ladybug Bubble Bar: Lush ($5.95)

Okay, am I the only person who thinks this is the cutest bubble bar ever? I haven’t been to Lush in March or February, so I think this will be the month I splurge on a few items for myself. I love that this has peppermint oil, which is great after a long, stressful day. This is easily the number one item on my wish list because I am a sucker for all things Lush.

Algae Sheet Mask: Sephora ($6)

You know how much I love Sephora’s sheet masks. They’re incredible, and well worth the $6 if you use them regularly on your skin as a weekly treatment. I noticed there is a new mask called the Algae mask, which is great for purifying and detoxifying your skin. After this month, I feel like my skin will definitely need some TLC.

Damaged Hair Treatment: Lush ($9.95)

Is your hair dry and damaged after the crazy weather we have had for the last two months? Mine is for sure. I have been trying to update my hair routine by trying different shampoos and conditioners, but I’ve been looking for a treatment for when my hair is desperate for an extra boost. This treatment made this month’s list because my hair is in serious need of revitalizing treatment.

Spray On Nail Polish: Sephora ($12)

Guys, this is the future. Spray-on nail polish sounds like something from a dream set in 2050. I love the idea of spraying my nails once, and just washing off the product that’s left on my skin. I don’t know how well this will work, but I can only assume good things if it’s at Sephora. I did watch a YouTube review, and it seems to have worked really well! I’m hoping to have the same results.

Ouai Hail Oil: Sephora ($28)

Toward the middle of 2015, I ran out of my favorite hair oil, and never picked it up again. Maybe I got lazy with my hair routine, but now that summer is a few months away, I think it’s a good time to add it back into my beauty routine. In previous years, I would opt for cheap oils, but now that I know the benefits of investing in a hair oil, I’ll be sure to do that this year.

What is on your beauty wish list for April? What products have you been loving recently? Make sure to leave a comment below!


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  • I’d love to read more about hair oils, because I’ve never used them.

    • I’m hoping to learn more about hair oils myself! The more I learn in the upcoming months, the more I’ll share on the blog with you all! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

      • Yay! I’ll start following you via Twitter 🙂

  • As a busy mom of 3 boys, my hair is a mess. I’m going to have to check out the hair treatment!

    • I hear ya! Working full time and going to grad school full time has left my hair completely damaged. I’m in need of this treatment ASAP.

  • I’ve been dying to try the Sephora face masks! If you try it soon, let me know how it goes!!

    Rachel | http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

    • I’ve tried them so many times except this one in particular. I popped into Sephora twice and haven’t seen this one in store yet!

  • I want to try some of the Sephora masks and that LUSH damaged hair treatment!

    xoxo, Jenny

    • I have already read so many positive things about the treatment! I can’t wait for my next shopping trip to pick it up!

  • Olivia Muller

    I’ve heard amazing things about the Sephora face wipes!


    Miss Olivia Says

    • Their sheet masks are wonderful! Definitely worth trying.

  • Haley Hanniford Beverly

    Love your Beauty Wishlist! I have never tried Lush products, but really want to! I’m also super excited for the spray on nail polish. It’s sounds fabulous! Since you love sheet masks, you should try the TonyMoly “I’m real” line. I’m doing reviews on each of the masks each week on my blog, you should check it out!

    • You need to take the plunge and try Lush! I’ll be sure to give your posts a read as well! I have also tried the “I’m Real” line of sheet masks from Tony Moly! I love those just as much! Thanks so much for your comment!

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