A Mindful Mentality: New Blog Series

Posted in Health
on September 25, 2015


For those who don’t know, August was quite a difficult month for me. I decided to make September better, which is why I’ve been reading and learning more about mindfulness and the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness, for me, has a lot to be with being present and becoming more aware of your surroundings in everyday life. There are a lot of components to mindfulness; however, in essence, it’s a healthy way of living and a healthy way to respond to life.

Truthfully, we could all work on mindfulness. Being present is something we don’t typically do because we always have so much going on that we don’t take time to enjoy what we’re doing. I decided to create a series about mindfulness to help grow in the practice of mindfulness and help others learn about mindfulness, too. I hope you’ll join me on Fridays throughout this new series on Blissfully Brunette.
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