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on October 23, 2015


For the last post in this blog series, I decided to write about a topic and concept very close to my heart. If you haven’t kept up with “A Mindful Mentality,” I recommend reading my posts from previous weeks on:




Today’s last post is on intention and how to live life intentionally.

First, allow me to clear the air on living life intentionally. It doesn’t mean you have to do anything out of your comfort zone or drastic. Many people believe that living intentionally means you have to donate 70% of your belongings and live minimally, or it means you need to meditate in the woods every day.

However, you can do these things if you truly believe they will benefit you. I’m not saying you should or should not do certain things in order to live life intentionally; but I will say that it’s important to first understand what living intentionally means to you.

Because, let’s be honest; intentional living means something different for everyone, and that’s okay! This shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all concept. It’s okay if we decide to do things differently than what others are doing. But, I do want to share some ways that you can practice living intentionally.

Touch Base:

Spend time each day connecting with your mind, body, heart and soul. Whether that’s through meditation, walking, writing, or any other activity. Challenge your mind, body and soul every single day in new ways. It’s so important to touch base in these areas of your life in order to live a life that’s intentional. However you decide to connect your mind, body, heart and soul is up to you.

Be Aware:

Remember to appreciate the present. We get caught up in the past or fear what’s going to come next in the future that we forget to focus on the present day and moment. This is something I constantly struggle with because of my anxiety. I always fear of what’s going to come next; and I dread my mistakes of the past. I’m learning to let go and be present.

Rediscover Yourself:

Similar to touching base with yourself, you should always take time to rediscover yourself. In the different seasons of our lives, we are constantly growing and learning. I like to take time in a new season of my life to rediscover myself and my passions. I also use it as time to reflect on where I was three years ago verses where I am today. It helps you be more mindful with your present life.

How do you practice living a life that’s intentional? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I’ve been thinking about some of this lately too – and how my technology takes me out the present. I wonder if I’m missing the voice of the Holy Spirit because of all the noise in my life. Good reminders, thanks.

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Lindsey! Sometimes, I believe, we are far too focused on technology that we forget about everything else that is happening around us. Although technology is wonderful for human advancements, it takes away from those simple pleasures in life. You made some awesome points.

  • WOW! I am so in love with this post. I completely agree that living intentionally can look different from person to person, but it’s the same at the core. I decided to choose simple living about a year ago and it has changed the way I look at everything– friends, faith, career, service, and yes, ownership. What a great piece!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Simple living is one of the many ways people choose to live their own life with more intention. I completely agree that one particular way of living can truly affect many areas of your life. Thank you so much for your comment; I truly appreciate it!

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