8 Tips to Master Your Closet

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on March 15, 2017

It’s that time of year where we declutter old items that no longer fit our style or lifestyle; and take control of our closet space as we transition from winter to spring. Decluttering your closet can be a huge undertaking, especially if you haven’t gone through your wardrobe in over a year or longer. Regardless if it’s your first time decluttering or your tenth time decluttering, I’m here to share 8 tips to help you master your closet. Keep reading if you’re looking to add a little bliss to your space as we move into spring.

1| Make A Plan

Don’t just go into your closet and start throwing things out and putting clothes in a donation bin. Sit down and set aside five minutes to plan out when and how long you’ll need to go through your closet and clothes altogether. Will it take a day or a few hours? Scheduled adequate time to go through your clothes so you don’t run out of time or feel rushed to get it done in an hour.

2| Take It All Out

Yes, take it all out and put it on your bed or floor. Literally everything from tops to seasonal items to shoes. You will be surprised with how much you truly have in your closet. This will help so much because you can see what the damage it and see how much you can donate, sell, toss, etc.

3| Try It All On

Does it fit? Does it look flattering on you? Does it fit your style? It is damaged at all? Is it versatile? Do you feel good when you wear that item? Ask yourself all these questions (and more) when you’re trying on different pieces in your closet. Don’t keep something unless your truly love it and it fits your personal style. If it doesn’t fit/if it’s damaged or you simply don’t love it—out it goes. Read 10 things to remove from your closet right now for help!

4| Create A “6-Month Box”

If you’re not too sure about some items, put them away in a box and store them in your basement, spare closet, or attic for six months. If you don’t find yourself looking for any of those items over the six months, or even thinking about them—you should definitely donate or sell those items once the period is up. it’s a sure way of knowing you didn’t love or need those pieces in your life.

5| Don’t Be Sentimental

You still have your bridesmaid dress from your friend’s wedding from five years ago. It doesn’t fit and you know you will never wear it again. You have scarves from Europe that are damaged and you can’t even wear anymore, yet they’re taking up space in your closet. Why keep those things if you want wear them? Try to remove the sentimental memories from those pieces and stay practical.

6| Be Honest With Yourself

No pair of shoes are worthy of keeping if you can’t wear them for 30 minutes without screaming in pain. Get rid of things that don’t make sense to keep. Why keep a pair of jeans from high school that you probably won’t fit into when you can appreciate the jeans you have now that also fit your body? Don’t hold onto things you don’t need or can’t wear.

7| Organization is Key

Find an organization system that works well for you. If you love to organize your closet by color and sleeve length, perfect! If you prefer to organize the Kon Marie way, that’s great, too! It’s all about what works best for you and what you love. Everyone will have a different preference and that’s okay! Take time to see what is visually appealing to you and what will help you keep your closet organized.

8| Maintain Consistently

Your closet will be easy to maintain if you find an organization system you love (see #7). Also make sure you set aside time every season to review your closet again and see what you can remove, donate, sell, etc. After your initial declutter, it will be much easier to see what you love and don’t love in terms of fashion, style, etc. As long as you dedicate 30 minutes to go through your closet, you will be able to maintain your hard work.

Are you ready to tackle your own closet? When is the last time you decluttered? What other tips do you have for mastering your closet? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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  • I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do this. You give great tips- I just dread it. This has seriously needed to be done for like 8 years!!!!!

  • This is so true! Taking everything out and trying it on makes such a big difference!

  • Abbey Phipps

    Oh I’m so sentimental about everything! I really need to get better about that!

  • I like the idea of the 6-month box. I know I’m a little sentimental about some items, so putting it in the box would help.

  • Unbeknownst to me, I started a 6 month box, and it was the best decision ever. I took a bunch of stuff out of my closet with plans to try to sell them, and even added things that I thought I might actually want to wear. Well guess what? I ended up not missing any of it in my closet! Just goes to show we hold onto things that we don’t really need or want. Great post Kiara!

  • I find it oddly cathartic to clean out my closets – once I’m in the mood to de-clutter and get rid of things, you can’t stop me! I get rid of all the things I usually say “welllll, I MIGHT wear it again!” even though I know I won’t. I donate clothes, too, which always feels good 🙂

  • I love the idea of the 6 month box!!! Never thought of that before!! Cleaning out my closet is always a task for sure but when I’m done it’s so rewarding. I took everything out about two months ago and tried it on,etc. Great tips girl!!!

  • Yes to all of these! Normally I have a hard time getting rid of clothes but I’ve been doing pretty well with it lately!

  • These tips were much needed! My closet is a disaster, and since spring is coming up I’m already mapping out my cleaning plan. My closet is on the list! Great ideas 🙂

  • I just did a big closet purge and I’ve never been happier. These are great tips you share!

  • I never thought about a “6 month” box, but that would be so amazing for me!

  • I just got rid of a ton of stuff in my closet that I never wore and it felt so much better to clean it out. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates that you’re “going to wear eventually” but eventually never comes!

  • The 6 month box is such a great idea. And thanks for reminding me that I need to go through my closet, it’s spring cleaning time!

  • Love all of these tips! I have done them all, including the 6 month box! That box is actually what helped me to start decluttering in the early stages of becoming a minimalist. Having it was a good reminder of what not to purchase, so I wasted less money!

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