7 Shoe Trends I’ve Never Tried [& Don’t Plan To Wear]

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on August 30, 2017

I’ve always been a pretty practical shopper. I was never the type of person who would buy something simply because other people had that item. In middle school, I wasn’t rushing to Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch every single day for the newest arrival. (I did get several things from those stores over a few holidays, though.)

There are so many trends that I personally didn’t care for; and still don’t care for to this day. There are so many that I can separate them into different categories. Today, we’re talking about shoes. Make sure to leave a comment letting me know what shoe trends you’ve jumped on the bandwagon for and which ones you’ve never liked.

1| Ugg Boots

Ugh to Ugg boots. (See what I did there?) This one is pretty simple because I couldn’t understand how a pair of boots could cost $200. I felt like the majority of my friends who owned them were always afraid to wear them because they would get dirty and ruined way too easily. So you’re spending $200 on boots you don’t want to wear because you don’t want to ruin them. Yeah, no thanks.

2| Sperry’s 

I never understood why these were so popular. But like Uggs, Sperry’s blew up in popularity when I was in high school; and every single person owned at least one pair. I remember girls in my classes would complain about the blisters they would get from first wearing them for awhile. So, again with buying something that you don’t even want to wear, but now you’re not wearing them because they’re not comfortable. It never made sense to me.

3| Adidas Sneakers

Would I wear them, maybe. But I’m probably not going to buy them regardless. I remember these were huge back in middle school. Then they were shoved in the back of everyone’s closets through high school, donated to charity by college. Now, post college, we are all buying our second pair. Funny how that works, am I right? I don’t even hate the brand or style of them, but I don’t see myself buying them because I’ve always been a Nike girl.

4| Birkenstocks

I’m sure they’re so comfortable because that is what their claim to fame is. In college, I felt like the hipsters were the first people to jump on this because that’s the actual definition of being a hipster. But, I never really saw the reason for the hype. $100 sandals that will definitely be too gross to wear after one summer of sweat and dirt. Yes, you’re right, that sounds so appealing. I’m more than fine with my inexpensive sandals to wear to the beach and during summer.

5| Converse Sneakers

Yes, really. Another pair of shoes that I know every single human being owns except for me. To be real, they make my feet look huge. I don’t know if that’s me feeling self conscious about wearing them, but they aren’t flattering on me at all. I want to like them because I feel like they’re everyone’s default choice when they need something comfortable, but I don’t see myself ever jumping on the converse kick.

6| Combat Boots

This simply comes down to style. Combat boots were never really my style. I never had an edgy look or edgy sense of style. I have always been a person who prefers to wear more classic pieces that will last for years to come rather than wearing things that are more trendy and don’t necessarily fit my style. So, they weren’t something I was interested in buying.

7| Crocs

No explanation needed.

So what shoe trends have you loved over the years; and what are the trends that you never got on board with? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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  • I’ve never owned converse’s but I think they’re cute depending on how it’s styled. The rest of these, minus Adidas sneakers because I rocked the pink ones in high school, completely agree 100%. I’ve always thought crocs were completely atrocious and I’m not sure why people love them. Great post girl!

  • I have to agree on all of them except the Adidas and Converse. At least, I like the converse non hi top style. I do strongly prefer my Sketchers over any other shoes though.

  • I remember both Adidas and Converse being huge when I was in middle school/high school. They were fun since they came in so many different colors and patterns. I didn’t realize they were making a comeback?

  • Haha too real. I really don’t understand the appeal of combat boots you look like a cross between a construction worker and an army general…no thanks. Ick crocs though…who thought those were a good idea?

  • I actually like most of these lol! Except crocs. I like converse on other people and have owned a few pairs myself but my feet are wide so they were a little uncomfotable

  • I have a few pairs of Converse and Keds–I love that look, but you’re right, the shape of Converse doesn’t look good on every pair of feet! I would wear combat boots if I lived in a climate that required boots, they are definitely my style–one of my most cherished possessions is a pair of red Doc Martens boots, but I gave them to my sister because they’ll never get worn in the tropics. ha!

  • I feel you on Crocs and Ugg Boots, I wish they never existed. I’ve never really been interested in the others, but I do wear Converse as I got two pairs as a gift. I agree that they make your feet look bigger, but I’ve got to say, I’ve had them 5+ years and they’re still going strong!

    Indya || The Small Adventurer

  • I can’t with Crocs and combat boots haha. I do love my white Converse though,

  • Anna Hubbard

    I agree with you when it comes to Crocs, Uggs, and Sperry’s, but I recently got a pair of Birkenstocks and they actually changed my life. Sure, the price tag was a bit hefty for a pair of Jesus sandals, but they’re the comfiest shoes in the world!

  • I love my Sperry’s in high school & I purchased knock-off Uggs back then too because they’re so warm and comfy!

    One thing I’ve never understood is Jack Rogers-they just hurt SO much! I live in my knock off Jack Rogers and they are so much cheaper and so much more comfortable!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  • I’ve never really understood the Sperrys trend, either. Definitely not my style, but hey, that’s fine! I’m into booties, flats, and slip ons right now!

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