5 Ways to Practice Minimalism [That Doesn’t Involve Decluttering]

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on October 16, 2017

I know what you’re thinking…

You think that minimalism is ALL about decluttering. Decluttering your closets, decluttering your kitchen, decluttering your basement. It’s all about getting rid of things you don’t use. I’m here to drop a major truth bomb.

Minimalism isn’t ONLY about decluttering.

Sure, is it a huge focus that you see all over Pinterest and YouTube? Yes, it definitely is. But I want people to understand that there are so many other ways to practice this lifestyle that doesn’t involve you going through your entire house and purging every other day. Although I definitely believe decluttering is extremely helpful in this process, it isn’t the only component of living more minimally. So, I’m here to share five other ways you can practice living a minimalist lifestyle, that has nothing to do with decluttering.

1| Focus on your buying habits.

You can declutter all you want, but if you’re going right back to the store—then you’re not doing yourself any good. The purpose of minimalism is that you’re removing the non-essential to make more room for what is essential. It’s about only having what you need rather than a new trend you may want temporarily. This could be a long post by itself, but you can also focus on shopping consciously at second-hand shops and thrifting for items to help with budgeting and ethical shopping. P.S. Have you checked out the true cost? It’s absolutely life-changing.

2| Go green + DIY.

Another area where you can simplify and minimize your life is with cleaning and beauty products. I’ve been focusing on streamlining my beauty routine and researching more on DIY scrubs, and natural products for my skin like coconut oil and homemade coffee scrubs. You can also clean a lot of of your home using vinegar and essential oils. There are tons of bloggers out there who are helpful should you decide to learn more about natural, green products for cleaning and beauty.

3| Rethink your food.

I have to give my brother and sister a shoutout here because I admire how they garden. They grow their own vegetables, fruit and herbs—and you can tell they enjoy the process and work behind it. Minimalism deals with consumption, which includes the food you eat. I’ve been trying hard to stay away from processed foods and enjoy a mix of fruits, vegetables, and protein. When we move into our home, I hope to do a little more with planting herbs and gardening in hopes that it will help me choose more plants and healthy, whole foods rather than snacks and junk food.

4| Practice what you preach. 

If you’re practicing minimalism, how do you show others? When the holidays roll around, are you giving nieces and nephews more clothes they don’t need, and toys they may only use for a short time? If yes, you’re not being faithful in your practices. Although not everyone practices this lifestyle, it’s important to remember that practicing what you preach is essential. If people see you giving unnecessary things, people will give YOU unnecessary things YOU don’t need or want. You’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Instead, give your niece and nephew day passes to the local zoo, aquarium, museum, or park they love. Give your sibling a date night with their spouse to a trampoline park or a new brewery. Give experiences or things they need or are useful.

5|  How are your goals?

Let’s say you’ve been working on this how minimalism business for awhile now, and you’ve purged your entire house from top to bottom. You went from spending an hour every day cleaning to two hours a week cleaning. You now have TONS of time on your hands because you aren’t cleaning and cooking for hours every single day. So what are you spending your time on? If you’re filling up your time with Netflix and social media—stop immediately. Get our your vision board and see what you want to accomplish. Now, make more time to actually work on those goals. Minimalism is about making time and space for the goals and life you want to live. Now, go do it.

You all know I love a good decluttering session, but there are other aspects of minimalism that will bring bliss to your life. Once you’re done decluttering, look to some of the other examples above like growing your own food, focusing on your goals and dreams, and overhauling your shopping habits.

What area of minimalism do you think would be the easiest and hardest for your to apply to your life? What area of minimalism do you think you’ll tackle next? Or, are you still working on the decluttering stages of your journey? 

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  • Minimalism can be so important in so many aspects!! I loved your perspective on it! SO many things with such simple logic to lead a proper life!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the reminder that minimalism is more than just decluttering! I am still a long ways from becoming a minimalist, but I don’t have trouble saying “no” at the store. (At least most of the time.) Those are great suggestions for gift ideas!

  • These are all great reminders! I must admit that while I’m good at practicing minimalism at home, it can be hard during the holidays to not go overboard when buying for our kids or other family members. Definitely something to be more mindful of moving forward.

  • Sepideh

    This is great and I agree with you on every point!!! SO MUCH!

    Minimalism is about being conscious about how much we consume, whether it’s things, food, or even household stuff!! I’m de-cluttering and being more mindful about what I bring into my home! I’m trying to minimize the amount of cleaning products we have and trying also to get through our pantry and freezer before buying more (that’s a tough one…)


  • Tami

    Love this post! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that minimalism isn’t just about decluttering! I need to focus on number 1 because I struggle with that a lot. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Taylor Smith

    Minimalism is really important to me. It’s great to declutter!!!

  • Shelby Stover

    Love that DIY made the list! It’s such a simple step and makes a huge difference

  • I’m trying to rethink my eating habits. I would love to grow my own vegetables, but for now I’ll have to stick to potted herbs only. I also love the feeling of freedom decluttering brings.

    Cristina | *janded

  • I definitely need to start practicing minimalism, in the decluttering way. But these are fantastic lists! Such a great post!

  • Definitely need to work on decluttering a bit, but these are such great tips for after! You have to avoid deculttering again and again by being mindful what comes into the house in the first place!

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