5 Updates For Your Summer Makeup Bag

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on June 27, 2016


Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to update your makeup bag for summer. Yes, this might not be 100 percent necessary for your beauty routine, but these five changes can help your makeup last during the hottest days of summer.

1| Ditch Foundation

I’m not a foundation person to begin with, so this one doesn’t necessarily apply me. However I do change from a BB cream to a CC cream, which is a slightly lighter formula. The goal from swapping out your foundation for a tinted moisturizer is to remove any heaviness from your face that might weigh your skin down during the hot summer days. You want light formula while still having coverage on your skin. Better yet, try only using a little concealer in your problem areas for best results.

2| Add Oil-Blotting Sheets

I have oil-blotting sheets with me at all times during summer. There is a pack in my purse, my makeup bag, my work bag…I always have some close by. They are an essential for removing excess oil, dirt and sweat from your skin during the day without messing up your makeup. I think these are such an underrated item to carry with you throughout summer, and they are definitely worth your money even if you don’t have oily skin.

3| Swap Finishing Powder For Spray

Powder formulas are going to give that caked-on, dry feeling on your skin that you’ll hate. No one has time for packed on powder, so swap this out for a finishing spray. You will see the same results in a long-lasting product that will keep your makeup in place without weighing your skin down in the process. What I love about this spray from Supergoop is that is contains SPF 50, which will protect your skin, too!

4| Go Waterproof

If you frequent the beach or lake during summertime, you’ll want to make this mascara change in your makeup routine. Waterproof formulas work wonders if you know you’re going to be in the water all day long. You can easily look presentable all day without your mascara running and stinging your eyes. (Trust me, this is NOT a good feeling.) Just make sure you have a proper eye-makeup remover that will easily wash away your mascara at the end of the day.

5| Remove Unnecessary Items

For me, my summer makeup routine looks extremely different from my makeup look in fall and winter. Why? I try to simplify my beauty routine as much as possible during summer. I don’t use blush or a ton of eyeshadow unless there is a special occasion. I try to stick to five products: concealer, bronzer, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. If you’re a girl who has a complex beauty routine, you might want to cut down on some makeup to save time and to give your skin a break from heavy products.

Do you change your makeup routine for summer? How? Do you have any tips to add? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Yes to this whole post! Oil blotting sheets come in so handy. And simplifying is exactly what I do in the summer too:) Great tips!

  • Waterproof all the way! I completely agree. I have just been using concealer lately instead of foundation, though I may pick up a BB cream.

    Floradise: http://www.maretteflora.com

    • I’m all about the waterproof like in summer because I spend a lot of time at the lake, so it’s a must! Currently, I’ve just been using concealer as well since my last BB cream ran out!

  • rileyjoblog

    I’m obsessed with makeup so these kinds of posts are so dangerous! Yet I love them. 🙂

  • Great tips! Have you ever tried the elf makeup mist spray? It’s actually one of my favorites and works really well! 🙂

    • No I haven’t! I hear so many wonderful things about several elf products, but haven’t taken the plunge yet! I will put this on my list for my next trip to target!

  • Blotting sheets should totally be in my kit, it’s essential for oily faces like mine!

    Renee | therenalexis.blogspot.com

  • adriana nudo

    I love this!! I just switched from my normal foundation to a cc cream and I’m loving it!

    • So glad that switching your face products worked for you! Thanks for your comment!

  • Michelle Lynn

    Super helpful! Thanks

  • Waterproof and blotting sheets are a must around here!

  • Totally agree, I now wear MUCH less makeup and tend to try and shy away from powder products in the summer! Natural is the way to go!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    • Yes! Less is more when it comes to my summer makeup and beauty routine!

  • Can I ask a potentially dumb question? Is/what is the difference between BB and CC creams? I thought they were the same thing. I use one of them (haha) because they’re much lighter and feel and look more natural on my skin! I love them!

    • CC creams are color-correcting creams, so they’re naturally a little lighter on the skin to help with any discoloration like dark circles under eyes or redness on your cheeks. Whereas BB cream is a lighter formula (like a tinted moisturizer) for your skin! I personally love both!

      • Thanks for humoring me and my simple question!

  • Blotting sheets are life savers! My skin is like “oh its summer, let me just drench your face with oil”

    • Yes! I think we can all relate to that a little bit, haha!

  • Abigail Marie Cecchine

    I just started trying a BB cream and it has been life changing for hot summer days. Thanks for the tips!


    • Of course, Abigail! So happy to hear your BB cream has been working for you!

  • In the summer I try and avoid a full face of liquid foundation and just go with concealer and a light powder instead. And setting spray is so important to keep my makeup in place when it’s hot!

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

    • Yes! I think it’s so much better to simplify your routine instead of adding all these unnecessary products! Sticks with the basics, girl! Thanks for your comment, Nellwyn!

  • Stellar post! I made the switch to tinted moisturizer a few weeks ago, and blotting sheets are my BFF. GOTTA make good swaps for summer so I”m not a sweaty, slicked up mess! haha!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Exactly! Especially at work during meetings, I’m always prepped with the oil-blotting sheets to make sure I don’t look like I’m melting midday, haha! Thank you for your comment, Erica!

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