5 Trends I’ve Never Tried + Don’t Plan to Wear

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on October 11, 2017

There are so many trends that have come and gone over the years, and there are some trends that may last for a several seasons. After writing a post on the different shoe trends I’ve never tried, I thought it would be interesting to talk about other trends I’ve seen over the years that I’ve never tried regardless of popularity. It has been refreshing to see how minimalism plays a roll in my shopping habits because I don’t buy the latest trends as they come out. Instead, I work with what I have, and if I truly love something, I will buy it. Make sure to let me know what are some trends that you’ve never tried in the comments below!

1| Chokers

I really thought I was going to change my mind on this one because I LOVE how these look on other people. I have a cross necklace I wear every day, and I never take it off. So pairing anything with the necklace that isn’t rose gold doesn’t look right. So, I decided to give up on the idea of buying a choker for a trendy, fall outfit. I’ll leave this trend for the fashion bloggers on the Internet!

2| Bralettes

I would love to be able to pull this trend off, but I know it’s not happening. I’ve accepted it and plan to move on. You know you’re becoming an adult when you stop buying things that aren’t practical for you. Most bralettes aren’t comfortable or supportive enough, so I know it’s not the most practical thing to buy and wear. Instead of fighting it, I know it’s not something I’ll ever find in my closet, and I’m okay with it!

3| Kimonos 

Yes, these were HUGE a few years ago, but I’m happy I didn’t jump on the trend because like most trends, they tend to fade out without a trace. Also, I don’t know how practical this would be in Western NY/PA where it’s below freezing for five months of the year. Again with making smart shopping purchases as an adult! If you know it doesn’t make sense for the region you live in, don’t buy it!

4| Overalls

Okay, I’m sure my mom put me in these when I was younger when I didn’t choose what I wore. Since then, I haven’t put on overalls, and I don’t plan to. Honestly, they wouldn’t flatter my figure, and I know I wouldn’t get use of of them like I would want. Nowadays, if I plan to buy something, I want to know that I’ll be able to wear it for work, errands, date night and every occasion in between. Overalls may be cute and trendy, but they are a trend I don’t plan to try.

5| Maxi Rompers

For two summers, I was all about rompers during my junior year of high school and my senior year of college. I wore the same few rompers over and over again without shame. But those rompers quickly faded, and I got rid of them all because I no longer wore them or loved them. This past summer, we were introduced to the maxi romper, which is combination of two trends I no longer have in my closet. So, this is something I don’t plan to wear anytime in the future because, like overalls, I don’t think I would get a lot of use out of it.

Have you tried any of these trends and love them? What trends haven’t your tried from this list, or any other trends you know you won’t be giving into anytime soon! Make sure to share everything in the comments below!

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  • Laina Turner

    I’m with you on maxi-rompers and overalls. Not my thing and wouldn’t look good on me if they were. I also am not a fan of the “cold-shoulder” look. It looks cute on the young ladies but I feel it’s out of my age zone.

  • Shelby Stover

    Haha this makes me smile. Rompers kill me, I just don’t understand them..nor do I want to!

  • Taylor

    I’m waaaay too short to wear maxis or rompers. Maxis drag so far past my feet that I can’t walk (and I’m not paying to get them hemmed!) and rompers are meant for tall people. They go down to my knees instead of my thighs lol

  • So I’ve actually worn all of these haha! I never plan on going back to chokers though! I wore those when I was a kid! I actually exclusively wear bralettes and sports bras! Regular bras drive me nuts!

  • Emma Grace

    This is a hilarious list and I enjoyed the laugh. I have tried many of the trends that you posted but I’m definitely not a trend queen.

  • I definitely can’t pull of any kind of romper – but I’ve tried the rest of them! lol

  • I’m not into overalls either haha. I feel like I’d look like a child.

  • I’m with you on these! Although #1 and #4 were stables in my teenage wardrobe and I think i’ve long outgrown the days! x

  • The only time I wear bralettes is when I’m wearing a fairly revealing top and don’t plan on doing too much haha. Otherwise I agree with all of these!

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