5 Tips for Focusing on Health [When You’re Unmotivated]

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on April 24, 2017

We’ve all been there.

We set out goals for ourselves and we have been great with meal planning and sticking to our workout schedule. Then, life gets busy and slowly, but surely, your health seems to take a backseat in your life. Girl, same. I feel you. I’ve been there more times than I can count. So, how do we find the motivation to get back on track and focus on health? Keep reading below as I dish out five tips that will bring bliss (and health) to your life!

1| Remember why you started.

Why did you decide to eat healthier and workout regularly? Are you doing it simply so you feel better? Are you working toward running your first 5k? Whatever your goals may be, write them down and leave them in a place where you’ll be able to see them every single day. You’ll never have to forget why you started with a daily reminder of your goals!

2| Drop the comparison game.

You might be losing motivation with workouts and eating healthy because you are constantly trapped in the comparison game. Girl, let me start off by saying that you are not alone. But you don’t need to compare your journey to someone else. Your chapter in your health and fitness journey will look completely different to the everyone, and that’s okay. Embrace your journey!

3| It’s not about looks.

It’s completely okay if you’re trying to build muscle, lose weight, or any other goal you’re trying to set for yourself. But it’s also important to not ONLY think that working out and eating healthy is about physical results. Working out and eating healthy is also wonderful for your mental and emotional health, too! Working out will help you relieve stress and help you if you’re having a bad day. It’s important to not lose sight of this, especially when you’re in a period of feeling unmotivated.

4| Reevaluate your methods.

TBH if you’re running on a treadmill four days a week and you’re hating your life doing the same workout for months at a time—it’s time to try something new. Maybe you’re losing motivation because you’re tired of your routine, so shake things up and try something new! Or, if you haven’t been feeling your best, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. It’s important you’re taking care of yourself when you’re eating healthy and working out. Maybe these are contributing to you feeling unmotivated.

5| Get serious.

Set a plan to get back on track. Maybe you’ve had a crazy month at work and your gym sessions have fallen by the wayside. That’s okay. But now, you have to get back on track. Plan out your workouts like you would plan a doctor’s appointment—it’s mandatory. Follow through your health and fitness goals and plan accordingly if you know you’re going to have a busy week. Once you’ve been back in your routine for a few weeks, it’ll be easier to gain the momentum and keep your motivation high.

Have you ever felt unmotivated to keep up with your health and fitness goals? How did you get yourself back on track? How do you keep your motivation strong with your working out and eating healthy? Be sure to share all your tips in the comments below!



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  • These are all great reasons, but #2… Amen! Sometimes getting over that comparison hump is half the battle. <3

  • I need to get serious. For real. I’ve been complaining about my weight and lack of being toned for too long now…I just need to get fit again!

  • Lauren Jane

    I really needed number three as a reminder today. I have been in a slump the past two days because the number on the scale says lower, I feel great, the inches are less…but I don’t SEE it on my body and boy is that discouraging. I have to remember that even if I don’t “see” it others do and it’s there. <3

  • I workout most days unless I have an appointment after work. My go-to for getting those workouts in is to change into my workout clothes as soon as I get home and then do the workout. If I sit down and get distracted, I’ll never get to the workout.

  • Sarah Jean

    I get myself back on track by finding something fun to do that’s healthy. Like hiking, kayaking or tae kwon do!

  • I need to get serious … I keep telling myself I’m going to start, then come up with some excuse. Right now, I’m recovering from a broken nose and the doctor said no working out for six weeks … but I’d really like to take up yoga. Perhaps today I’ll order a mat and some yoga clothes to motivate me!

  • I need to get my butt in gear and totally agree with all these points – especially the one about reevaluating your method. For me, I need to do a workout that’s disguised as something else. I can’t go on an elliptical for 30 min – I’d MUCH rather jog or bike on my town’s boardwalk (I live by the beach!) which is so much more enjoyable!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I was feeling really unmotivated last month but this week I decided to change that! I meal prepped my lunches and I have been working out every morning!

  • Corey Wheeland

    Remembering why you started is key for me: it’s always so I can feel better physically and mentally!

  • Karissa Ancell

    This is great advice. This year has been so crazy busy and I have been slacking on my health. It’s time to get serious about it.

  • Jewels Rhode

    These are great tips!! Ditching the comparison is something I actively work on!

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