5 Things to Remove From Your Office Space

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on October 19, 2016


Prior to beginning my journey with minimalism, my office space was unnecessarily cluttered with unused organization, papers I didn’t need, and trinkets that wouldn’t fit in the space. Now, I’ve transformed my office at home and at work into an organized, minimal space. I’m sharing five things you can remove from your office space to achieve a more minimal, clean space for you to work and have a productive day!

1| Unnecessary organization

If you have five file organizers, but you’re only use oneβ€”why keep the rest? Do you have a drawer organizer for supplies you don’t use? Donate it, or find a way to use it in your home. When you keep unnecessary organization items, you’re giving yourself a reason to have more clutter in your home. Don’t give yourself a reason to get more things you don’t need. Remember, eliminate instead of organize.

2| Papers and receipts you don’t need

I am so guilty of this because I keep my receipts until I know everything has been processed in my bank account or until I pay my credit card statement. But sometimes this leads to me not throwing out receipts from several months ago. Don’t hoard paper clutter of any kind. It’s distracting and leaves you unproductive because you’re focused on a mess at your desk.

3| Things that don’t belong

Do you have random storage in your office space like old photos you haven’t looked at in 10 years, makeup, jewelry, and everything in between? Get. rid. of. it. Make sure your designated office space only has the things you need for your office. The rest of the items can go where they belong. Don’t make your desk a place to store other things in your house.

4| Extra, unnecessary supplies

There is no reason any human being should keep pens that don’t work, or any other extra supplies when they don’t use them. I simply don’t need or use tacks and paper clips. Guess how many paperclips and tacks I had? Way. Too. Many. It didn’t make sense. Instead, I kept the essentials, and made sure to remove anything I didn’t use regularly or even sparingly. Trust me, you’ll love only keeping items you need.

5| Clutter

You know the type of people who have their desk filled with so much stuff, you wonder how they even have space to work at their desk? Don’t be that person! You don’t need a stack of magazines, three plants, a jewelry stand, your makeup supplies, a mirror, and other random items on your desk for decoration or to fill space. Only keep what is necessary for you to work, and remove the rest and put it in a designated space.

What do you need to remove from your office? What other things would you remove from your office space that weren’t on this list? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Ashley Stephenson

    I need to pass this along to our office manager! She just had to have unplanned surgery and has been out for 2 weeks and I am taking over her tasks and have found she saves so many things she doesn’t. She has W-9s for 2004….I think she can toss those.

    • Yes! Aside from financial paperwork (which you should keep back seven years) I don’t keep anything for work that’s over two years old! It’s unnecessary and causes way too much clutter.

  • Sarah Jean

    My husband keeps probably 30 extra pens. I’d like to throw them out but he claims we may need them. (Laughing crying face)

    • I think we all have this idea we will use these stocked supplies, but that’s never the case. Keep what’s essential and toss or donate the rest. Even if you want to donate them to a school in need–that would sever a much better purpose.

  • Organizing our office space is one of my goals this month! We always have way too many recipes floating about so I need to find a better system for organizing those.

    • YES! I find that keeping a word document with my favorite recipes keeps them on a digital server (so there’s no paper clutter) and you have an easy way to file and organize them!

  • Mostly Simple Life

    I definitely can’t work in a cluttered area.

    • I think it would be hard for most people, which is why I’m so crazy about keeping these space organized!

  • Ugh…clutter! I cringe when I see someone’s space just CLUTTERED and always am left wondering how they work like that?! My desk feels semi cluttered and the only thing on it is my laptop, monitor, coffee cup, to-do list, cup of pens, and 3 little fake succulent plants to liven it up. Admittedly, typing that up made me feel like it’s cluttered… LOL

    • I completely understand where you’re coming from with this because I am the same way! At work, everyone keeps so many different filing organizers and folders all over their desks and it kills me. I just want to sneak in their offices and clean it up! I’m all about simplifying and getting rid of things you don’t need!

  • Scarlett Ballantyne

    Ugh. I have so many unnecessary supplies!!why do I keep so many old pens and dishes with stuff I never use?!

    • I always recommend donating old supplies to schools and children in need! Same for dishes–there is always someone who can use them!

  • Yes to all of this! I like to keep my workplace neat and clean too.

    • I am the same way about my work office space and my office space at home as well!

  • I would add “unnecessary distractions.” If you find yourself constantly distracted by something, then maybe it doesn’t belong in your office space. Love your list!

    • Thank you so much, Pam! I love that you included distractions because it is so important to remove those from your office space if you want to be productive!

  • Candy Kage

    I am not so bad I have jewelry stands, but will be going through my desk to clean up and declutter.

    • That’s great, Candy! The more you clean and declutter, the more productive you’ll be when you use that space!

  • I am now inspired to basically CLEAN all day! Ha! WAY too many random things lying around my desk right about now…

    Coming Up Roses

    • I think we can all relate to this! My desk was in rough shape a few months ago while we were still settling into our new home. As long as you can take the time to go though the things you don’t need–you will be happier and more productive in your office space!

  • This is definitely on my to-do list to do at home… and I’m currently in the process of getting my new desk at work in order since I just switched jobs!

    • I was in the same boat a few months ago, and I still feel like I’m going through old files I won’t need to have in my office. It’s a continuous process I’m working on in all different areas of my life!

  • DT

    My desk is full of supplies, and need someone else to de-clutter it for me. Because I am just useless! πŸ˜€

    β€” DT | Here I Scribble

  • I am the WORST with cluttering up my desk. The funny thing is it drives me crazy to see so much stuff on it… Usually I get to the point where I can’t take it anymore and make myself clean the whole thing off!

    • When you remove that clutter and those unnecessary things, you’ll spend less time cleaning your office space. Set aside time to eliminate, and then organize the essentials!

  • Jessica Hughes

    I am awful about having too much and too many things out-great tips!

  • Abby

    I’m SO guilty of #5. Part of the problem is that I don’t have enough storage or surface area for everything. The other part of the problem is me.

    • This is something that takes time, Abby–so don’t feel bad about it. Instead of looking at how you can organize your things, ask yourself if you truly need those things. If yes, try to find a simple way to organize it. The more you work through this, the easier it will be to remove things form your home!

  • Great tips! I’ve definitely gotten better about removing all the papers but I do have some clutter. I can’t help it – I love stuff! lol

    • Thank you, Carly! It is easy to love stuff, but as long as you can say yes to these questions: 1. Do you love it? 2. Do you use it? If you’ve answered yes, it’s okay to keep in my eyes!

  • Minimalism is best with offices!

    • Exactly! Couldn’t agree more, Tayler! How do you keep your office minimal?

  • Rachel Golden

    I love minimalism! I haven’t committed to it as fully as you have, but I hate clutter. If my room is dirty, I have to clean everything before I can get any work done. I do like the idea of eliminating vs organizing. I get rid of things every 6 months I would say, but I organize way more than I eliminate. There are definitely things in some of my draws that I never look at or need. I should go through them–thanks for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

    • I’m so happy to know this inspired you to look at minimalism more, Rachel! And I’m happy to know other people are interested in minimalism like I am! It makes me feel so calm and at peace knowing there’s no extra clutter in my home. Trust me, I’m still working on it myself, but I have made HUGE improvements throughout the year!

  • I’m so guilty of having too many supplies! Even as a kid I would carry every marker to school with me because I was always so worried that they wouldn’t have the one color I needed lol

    • I can see why you would be so well prepared then, but now it’s okay if you don’t have every type of office supply available if it’s not essential for you to use every day.

  • Justine Y

    These are great tips! I am guilty of the extra papers and receipts big time, I really need to work on that. You’ve motivated me to get more organized, thanks!

    • Thank you, Justine! I need to go through my receipts again because it’s getting to a point where they’re piling up more! I’m happy this post motivated you to work on your own office space as well!

  • I’m horrible when it comes to papers. Somehow I end up with papers that should have been thrown away months ago haha so I try to clean out out my folders and drawers once a month. And I admit, makeup and other miscellaneous things end up in my office on a weekly basis as well. Life of a blogger. I bring things in to photograph and then they never leave lol

    • I completely understand where you’re coming from with having makeup and other little bits around your office for blog photos because I’m been there several times during the week. I try to clean up everything as I go so I never leave a mess behind whether it’s with blog photos, dishes, or cooking!

  • I try to have my desk space clear of everything except a computer, notebook, and pen. As I work each day, my desk may get cluttered, but I work hard to keep it at a minimum. I also try to end the day with a clean slate, so that I can start the next day fresh and ready to go! I definitely think a clean surface is the best space to work with each day.

  • Amanda

    Oh how I need to do this! My tiny little desk has gotten a little out of hand – especially with the receipts and unnecessary papers that just get dumped there :/ This is definitely when having a scanner comes in handy, to just be able to scan documents that I want to hold on to. I would love to see some pictures as to how you organize your desk πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the post!

    Amanda | amandabixler.com

  • I am due for a de-cluttering of my office space. The trouble is it’s in the middle of my living room and becomes a catch all for odds and bobs around the apartment.

    One thing I am vigilant about though is throwing out old receipts and filing things away.. I just also need to get rid of my “change bowls” of which I for some reason have 10… almost none of which are filled with change

    Laura @ http://www.cookwineandthinker.com

  • These are all such great tips for removing clutter from the office! I am constantly organizing my desk. I try to make sure my desk is clean and clutter free every afternoon before I leave so that I arrive to a nice and orderly desk in the morning.

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