5 Things to be Happy About: March 2017

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on March 6, 2017

Who else is so excited for the new month?!

Can we have a moment, y’all? I’m in denial about how quickly this year has passed by so far. 2017 has been beautiful so far, so part of me wants it to slow down a little. But I will say I’m ready for a new month and a new list of goals to accomplish.

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Now we can move onto a little gratitude and happiness for March. Make sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you’re excited about for the month. Let’s share a little gratitude and happiness in the blogging community!

1| First Day of Spring 

Last month I talked about how I was excited to skip through February so we can get into spring. You have no idea how excited I am to know that spring is around the corner. Spring is a sure sign that warmer weather and lighter days are ahead. It also means I get to finally change up my wardrobe after wearing winter coats and boots for months on end.

2| Lighter Days

You all know that Christmas is my favorite time of year. But once the holidays are over, I’m ready to jump in spring head on and get a little more sunshine and warmer weather in my life. Living in Pennsylvania can be difficult because it can snow until May. I’m definitely looking forward to more sun as the days grow a little longer.

3| Flowers

I’m all about fresh flowers and brining the beauty of nature indoors. March is when I can go crazy with buying new plants for my office, my home and treat myself to more flowers. Because life is too short to have a home without flowers, amiright? So make sure to #treatyoself to some fresh blooms this month because you deserve it (and it will bring a smile to your face every morning).

4| Spring Cleaning

Raise your hand if spring cleaning and decluttering makes you so happy you can’t stand it! (Oh, just me? Okay.) Anyway, I’m ready to go through my spring and summer clothes and declutter more as a new season begins. I’m also ready for a deep clean in our home to freshen everything in a new season. Do you have any spring cleaning checklists that you love? Make sure to send some my way!

5| Wardrobe Change

I’m all about making my needs few and focusing on my more minimalist lifestyle, but with spring comes a change in my wardrobe. I can start putting away bulky sweaters in exchange for light fabrics in pastel colors. My wardrobe and style will get a mini makeover this month as I edit my clothes and bring in new, staple pieces I’ve been looking for. Leave a comment below telling me what your spring wardrobe essentials are. I would love to know!

What are you looking forward to now that it’s March!? Do you have any exciting blog plans for the month? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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  • Sarah Jean

    The first day of spring is my favorite day of the year!!!

    • I completely agree with you! Glad other people feel the same way!

  • Abbey Phipps

    It’s definitely already spring in Texas, and I’m welcoming the warm weather! 🙂

  • I’m so looking forward to spring time! The flowers, the taste of (slightly) warmer weather, the rain (I LOVE thunderstorms – when safely inside curled up under a blanket), and my birthday. 😉

    • I am the same way about thunderstorms and my birthday is in April (cheers to spring birthdays).

  • Sheila Jo Spencer

    Yes, I am ready for warmer weather, wearing skirts, and getting my garden started (at least get some seeds going indoors)!

    • Yes! When I can bring out my spring and summer dresses and skirts–it makes me so happy!

  • So many things to look forward to! I love all the beautiful flowers and the warmer weather and sunshine. Definitely puts you in a better mood! 🙂

    • I completely agree, and I’m glad there are people who feel the same about this season! Thanks for your comment, Cara!

  • Spring cleaning is the best! I’m looking forward to longer sunshine days (it makes me so tired when it gets dark early), but I’m not looking forward to the summer heat!

    • I am the same way about getting tired when it’s gets dark out early! The sun has been out a little longer each day, so it’s a great reminder that the first day of spring is almost here!

  • I love spring cleaning! I’ve been decluttering already and it feels so good. 🙂

  • Alicia

    Yes to all of these!!! I can’t wait for longer, lighter days and the change of wardrobe finally!

  • Unsigned, Emmie

    I’m definitely looking forward to brighter, longer and warmer days! I am definitely living in the wrong country because I need 365 days full of sunshine and warmth which I definitely am not getting in the UK 🙁 but loving the excuse to go shopping for some new spring/summer clothes

    Emmie xo

  • I love the dress. Yup I’m happy about all of these things. Bring on spring. xxx

  • Sam Rosenfeld

    Thank you for sharing some really positive thoughts! Sometimes March can be so drab, just waiting for spring, but you’ve brought some good insight into it!

  • All good things! The change of seasons (especially in a place where you do see drastic changes in weather – like here in NY) is such a great time for a ‘refresh’ and new beginnings. Winter has its own perks and highlights, but I’m really looking forward to spring, flowers, warmer weather & more hours of DAYLIGHT!

  • Lisa Warren

    I agree with all of these because I’m the same way!! Can’t wait for leaves on the trees and new outfits! Not so much the cleaning though haha.

  • Emily Bendler

    I am so super excited about spring cleaning!!

  • This post just made me feel so happy! It is giving me all the feels! I love spring, flowers, switching out wardrobe pieces, etc.!

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