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on August 21, 2017

There are many reasons I don’t enjoy labeling myself as a minimalist. But, the main reason is because there are a lot of questions and comments thrown at you at any given time. Most of the time, I’m more than okay with answering questions because I’m an unconventional minimalist. So, my answers definitely differ than other minimalists out there. It’s surprising, though, that people judge your life decisions and how you choose to live especially when it doesn’t impact them in any way.

Today I’m sharing five questions and comments minimalists have definitely been asked, or they’re been asked something quite similar. I hope you get a kick out of this post as I’ve enjoyed writing it since many of these have come up A TON in the last month. Make sure to leave a comment below telling me the comments and questions you get if you’re a minimalist. Or, if you’re not, feel free to leave your own questions below. Don’t forget to check out my posts on five tips if you’re interested in minimalism because I know a ton of people loved that post!

1|Can you fit all your clothes in one suitcase?

No. Definitely not. Not even close. See, although I go rid of more than 60 percent of my wardrobe, I still have quite a bit of clothes. But, I wear Every. Single. Item in my closet and there’s nothing that I don’t love and wear or use regularly. If I find that I’m not wearing something anymore is when I decide if that item should go. I get a laugh out of this question because that’s when people say, “Well, you’re not a minimalist unless you have only 35 items in your closet.”

No, y’all, that’s not a thing either. You can be a minimalist and still have the wardrobe you want to have because minimalism is not a one size fits all concept.

2| Are you judging my car/home/closet/office/desk?

Judging isn’t the right word. This doesn’t have to do with minimalism for me as it has to do with my anxiety and OCD. Cluttered spaces make me anxious and uncomfortable, which is why minimalism simply works for me and my life. The less I own, the less than owns me. I’ve seen only positive benefits from downsizing my wardrobe, makeup collection, and everything else because it keeps my OCD and anxiety under control. If you’re happy with the way your desk/office/home/closet is, that’s fine. But if you’re looking to declutter—call me first to help!

3| Do you live in a tiny home? 

Nope. I live in a townhouse that perfectly fits everything we need. Josh and I have no interest in owning a tiny house, but we are beginning the home-buying process. I’m thankful to know that when the time does come to move—we will be able to fit everything we own in the house we decide to buy. One of the perks of minimalism is that you only have what you need, so we won’t be stressed about packing up our house to move somewhere else.

4| I could NEVER be a minimalist.

I said the same thing. I never wanted to be one either. I was the girl who had 23 pairs of jeans, 37 cardigans (not kidding) and about 30 handbags on top of mountains of jewelry I didn’t love or wear and other things that I never wore either. Believe me, I was the definition of a maximalist. Everything changed once I moved because I realized I had too many things I didn’t like. I didn’t want my home to be a storage space; I wanted it to be a warm, inviting, space where I would enjoy relaxing and living. I was able to do that by removing pieces from my closet, room and house altogether.

5| When you buy a house, you won’t be a minimalist anymore.

What does the even mean?

Sure, will we have more stuff than we have now? Definitely. But are we going to go out and buy things we don’t need or like just to have art on the wall or have a chair? Definitely NOT! That’s not who we are as people and it’s not in line with our values. Josh and I are (thankfully) similar that way because we both understand that buying a house is expensive, so why would we put ourselves in debt and buy a home we can’t afford? Then, on top of that, buy MORE STUFF to fill that home we can’t afford? For us, that doesn’t make sense, so we plan to buy a home that will fit our needs without going overboard. We have no intention on losing that minimalist mindset simple because we’re buying a house.

Fellow minimalists, what are some questions and comments you have heard recently? And non-minimalists, what are some questions you have about this lifestyle? Make sure to share all your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I am definitely not a minimalist but clutter drives me crazy. My boyfriend could save and collect all of his clothes and belongings forever while I need to purge and clean out my closet every 3-4 months. I love clothes but there is no use saving my high school wardrobe or pieces that don’t make me happy anymore. If being a minimalist makes you happy I say GO FOR IT! It shouldn’t be one size fits all, everyone’s lifestyle is different (:

  • Anna Hubbard

    Omg, I bet those comments are so annoying! I think I’m slowly converting to minimalism to be honest. I used to just want /stuff/, but now I care more about the sentiment behind things!

    • Exactly. I’m far more into experiences and memories–that’s why I’m so passionate about not buying and consuming so much because I truly want to explore the world. There are so many places even in the U.S. that I want to visit. Thankfully with owning less and donating more, that is possible!

  • That house comment people make is a bunch of bologna. Actually, when we got our house i found that I got in the habit of getting rid of things more often. I don’t label myself as a minimalist, but I definitelyyyyy have a lot of tendencies. I get rid of/donate/sell at least 5 items a month. Every time I do it, it feels SO GOOD!!!

    • That’s so great to hear! I like to call myself an unconventional minimalist because I definitely don’t fit the standard Minimalist Girl on Pinterest, haha! But, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the benefits from the lifestyle 🙂

  • These comments are actually quiet humorous. Who puts a limit on the things you can own when you are a minimalist? I’m not exactly one but since my hubby & I bought our new house I definitely have scaled back on the “things” I own. It feels so refreshing to get rid of the things that no longer suit us and that we no longer need.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned this because it is definitely refreshing and that’s something we should talk about more. It’s refreshing to see how much you truly DON’T need to live a blissful life, and that’s why I’m so passionate about this topic.

      • Kiara, I never thought about that being a sub topic to branch off of but it definitely would be great! You are more than welcome to run with that!

  • Haha. Yes! We’re sorta-minimalists and it’s amazing the way people talk! We have a lot of storage space in the house we bought so people kept saying that we’d fill it with stuff… We’ve lived here a year and so far no fillage! 😉

    • I’m hoping to report with the same when we buy our first house, too! It’s amazing how many comments I’ve received even though I haven’t actually purchased a house yet.

  • Erika Jarvis

    I am definitely in to downsizing the amount of ‘stuff’ that I have…kudos to anyone who can go full minimal list. I know that means you get to really maximize in other parts of your life!! -Erika-

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, girl! Now I have more time and energy to focus on the things I truly enjoy!

  • I’m so interested in minimalism. I currently hoard way too much junk that I “think” I might use in the future. The other day I decided to clear out my closet and now I’ve only got clothes that I actually wear. I could probably get rid of more actually. Next I need to do the same with the rest of my things.

    • This is exactly how I started the process, and I ended up getting rid of 60 percent of the things I owned. As you can imagine…I REALLY had a lot of stuff! But I definitely started small and kept at it little by little, and now I’m always looking to toss more things away.

  • I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist, but I think I’m close?? Clutter also drives me crazy, so I keep things pretty tidy, but I still have my share of junk in the house haha.

  • I can’t stand when people assume it’s just a phase for me. *eye roll*

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