5 Skin Tips to Master NOW!

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on July 18, 2016


1| Remove Your Makeup

I feel like a broken record when I talk about this, but I cannot stress this enough! You need to remove your makeup every single night no matter how tired you may feel. Your skin is already dirty from bacteria, and adding makeup to the mix will break you out even more. Take off your makeup, and you’ll notice a huge difference in the clarity of your skin.

2| Exfoliate

Invest in good exfoliating products that you can use once or twice a week. Make sure you’re not using the same product for your face and body (unless the package says it’s safe to do so). Some exfoliating products can be harsh on your face instead of your body, which will do more harm than good. Make sure it’s suitable for your skin type and use it religiously.

3| Moisturize

I can’t believe how many people my age don’t use moisturizer on a daily basis. This boggles my mind because it’s so important for your skin health. Don’t just pick up a cheap, off-brand from Target. Do your research and invest in some high-quality products that will truly benefit your skin type. You will be happy you splurged on those products!

4| SPF

Make sure your moisturizer and face products contain SPF in them so that you’re well protected from the sun. Even when it’s not summer, you still need to make sure your skin is protected from the sun. If you’re spending the day at the beach, wear a hat, sunscreen, and cover your body properly to ensure that you won’t get burned.

5| Keep Your Diet In Check

Truth be told is that your skin can definitely be affected by what you’re eating. If you’re looking to clear up any blemishes and imperfections on your skinβ€”try to eat more fruits and vegetables for a week and cut back on animal fat like dairy products and meat. When you eat meat and dairy in high quantities, it can lead to skin problems, so make sure you’re eating the healthy stuff to keep your skin in check.

What tips would you add to this list? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Love these!

  • Bree

    I need to start exfoliating! Ive always been scared of exfoliation because i already have some redness in my cheeks.

    • I began exfoliating regularly a few months ago a I notice a huge improvement to my skin overall! It helps remove any dead skin cells and bring out any impurities to give it softness, etc.!

  • Ivanna

    These are all great tips for great skin. Keeping your diet in check and eliminating processed food and sugar is a big one for me. Great post

    • Thank you so much, Ivanna! I truly appreciate your sweet comment πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I love that you included the last point – what you put in your body hugely affects your skin health. Great post!

    • Thank you, Lindsay! And I feel like so many people overlook their diet when they are questioning why their skin has been bad, but it has a huge impact on your skin!

  • Annie Marie

    Great tips! I need a good moisturizer and to eat better for my complexion!

    • Thank you, Annie! Once you find the products you truly love, you’re going to see a huge difference in your skin!

  • My skin would literally be like a crocodile if I didn’t moisturize, so I’m like you it baffles me when people say they never moisturize their skin. haha Great tips! πŸ™‚

    • I feel like I would be the same way! Thanks so much for your comment, Cara!

  • Those are really great pieces of advice. I follow them strictly except the one about eating. I love to eat and I have always been a fast food fan πŸ™ I eat fast food carefully, of course, but I doubt I’d ever be able to get them out completely. I enjoy that type of food waaay to much

    • Thank you so much! I know eating healthy can be difficult for some people, but cutting out fast food from your diet can really improve your skin along with drinking tons of water!

    • Thank you so much! I know eating healthy can be difficult for some people, but cutting out fast food from your diet can really improve your skin along with drinking tons of water!

  • This list is so basic yet sooooo important and I also can’t believe how many friends/family don’t moisturize! MY MOM DIDNT MOISTURIZE DAILY UNTIL A FEW YEARS AGO when I literally forced her to buy something … and also SPF! My husband also didn’t use SPF or moisturizer until two years ago when I told him it’s IMPERATIVE. I don’t understand. Ugh! How do people make it to adulthood and not know these things, lol. I actually had a client come in this weekend and ask to have her makeup done in FULL GLAM on a Friday for an event she was going to on Saturday night. She apparently sleeps upright and does this often (gets her makeup done the day before and doesn’t remove it til the next day). HELP ME! LOL!

  • I’ma actually one of those people who never moisturize. I only ever think about it when I’m not in a store and never remember to put it on a list! I do need to get better at it though, because I know it’s important and I hate when my face feels overly dry due to whatever it may be – sun, exfoliation, etc. In any case. I agree with all of this!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Allison! And don’t worry, there are so many other people who feel the same about moisturizing their skin even though it’s so important!

  • Yes, to all of these, especially moisturizer.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Couldn’t agree more! It’s the best thing you can do for your skin!

  • YES YES YES!! For years I didn’t really use moisturizer (at least not regularly) as I didn’t think my skin was dry…(insert eye roll)…now, I make sure I moisturize every single day!

    • Well as long as you have corrected your beauty mistake–that’s perfectly fine πŸ™‚ You live and learn, right?! Haha. Thanks for your comment, Katie!

  • I need to get some top of the line exfoliator so bad! It really makes a difference

    • It does! I have found some more inexpensive options like Cup of Coffee from Lush! I love using that, or I’ll create my own coffee ground/coconut oil/olive oil mix!

  • I’m horrible with number 1. Everything else I’m pretty good with but that number 1.

    • There are so many people who are in the same boat as you but it’s important to remove your makeup every night to remove bacteria and impurities!

  • I need to be better about moisturizing. Do you recommend a good one?

    • I personally love Estee Lauder’s collection! I’ve used it for years and I’ve loved it for so long!

  • All great tips!! I always have to wash my make up off. I can’t go to bed with it on. Huge no, no! I am a huge fan of moisturizing because I love having my skin soft. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear you don’t leave your makeup on at night and that you use moisturizer frequently!

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