5 ingredients you need for DIY beauty

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on February 17, 2015

bb21715Hair treatments, face masks, lip scrubs and other beauty items can be costly. You can spend over $100 on these treatments to help repair your skin, body and hair. My favorite DIY treatments include products you probably have at home right now. The best part is that you won’t spend a lot of money and you’ll see great results.

It’s time to add the bliss back to your life and your wallet with DIY beauty essentials. Here are my top five favorite at-home ingredients:

Coconut Oil

Whether you’re using this as a teeth whitener, face mask or hair mask, coconut oil can be used for different purposes. It’s inexpensive and you can buy a large jar that will last for months on end. The possibilities are endless with this versatile ingredient.


Another favorite ingredient I use regularly is raw honey. I apply this on my skin as a face mask. It’s perfect for removing impurities and acne on your face. It will also leave your skin smooth and refreshed. You can also use honey for hair masks.


We all have used avocados for one treatment or another. You can use this to make different masks for your hair or face. I love the shine avocados add to your hair. It’s natural, radiant properties leave your hair looking fresh from the salon.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is my go-to treatment to remove blackheads or whiten your teeth. Who knew baking soda was so versatile? Although it’s a simple product you might not use often (except for baking) you’d be surprised what you can create with this ingredient.


I love uses strawberries for DIY face masks and teeth whitener. Strawberries fight against acne and other harmful bacteria that hide in your pores. You can also create a paste with strawberries and baking soda to add a natural shine to your smile.

Do you have any favorite DIY beauty ingredients? Make sure to share your suggestions below, or tweet them to @BlissBrunette!

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  • torrs13

    I’ve always wondered how effective honey was for the face. Is it good for all skin types? Also, should you only use a raw honey to do this? Sending love from the Peony Project!

    • Thank you so much for the comment! Yes, honey does work for all skin types and you can use either raw or regular honey. I have found that either one works fine! I hope this helps 🙂

  • I’ve used coconut oil & honey before, but I’ve never tried the other 3 in my beauty regimen. Do you just blend the strawberries & baking soda in a food processor to use on your teeth?

    • Aimee,

      Thanks for your comment! I just cut up the strawberries finely and mash it in a bowl with baking soda, so it has a paste-like consistency. I hope this helps!

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