5 Holy Grail Skincare Products That Will Change Your Skin

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on April 5, 2017

I’m all about skincare and sticking to a routine that works well for you. One of the things I love about beauty blogs is when they share products they use every single day that have benefitted their skin. I have been so happy with my skin over the last few years and I want to share my holy grail beauty products that have brought a lot of bliss to my life. So, keep reading if:

1| You’re looking to breathe new life to your skin.

2| Add new products that will help clear your skin for good.

3| Change your routine to feel good in your skin.

1| Cleanser: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

I haven’t used a facial cleanser other than this one from Cetaphil for seven years; and my skin has thanked me for it. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something that will cleanse your skin without irritation. My pro skin tip: Only wash your face at night instead of twice a day. This has helped my skin even more because I’m not drying it out with excessive washing or water drying out my skin.

2| Serum: Estēe Lauder Pore-Minimizing Skin Refinisher

This Estēe Lauder duo I’ve mentioned so many times includes this serum and moisturizer below. Both have been used on my skin every. single. day for about seven years. This serum specifically has done wonders for my pores and been a skincare essential for me over the years. I’ve tried other products over the years, but nothing compares to this product!

3| Moisturizer: Estēe Lauder Day Wear Moisturizer 

I always believe in investing in skincare products and investing in high-quality items that will truly benefit your skin in the long run. Make sure your moisturizer includes SPF in it and includes ingredients that will help your skin glow all year long. Trust me, it is worth investing in skincare products. Your future self will thank you.

4| Masks: Sephora Rose Sheet Mask & Boscia Black Mask

I’ve been using the Sephora Rose Sheet Mask for over two years now, and I truly love the results it gives my skin if I use it frequently, which is two or three times a month when my skin really needs a little more TLC. I know sheet masks aren’t for everyone, but when you use them often enough, you see a difference in your skin’s hydration and clarity altogether. And let’s be real, we all want glowing skin for spring and summer, right?

The Boscia Black Mask is something I’ve only used for a few months, but let me tell you—it’s worth mentioning in this list of essentials. I know I’ll be repurchasing this for years to come because of the results it gives to my nose and skin for unwanted blackheads and whiteheads. TBH no one wants those in their life, so keep your skin and pores extra clear with this product and you’ll love the changes to your skin.

5| Makeup Remover: Bi-Facil Makeup Remover

I have to thank my mom for getting me into my skincare routine with products from Estēe Lauder and Lancome because she taught me form a young age that you should invest in your skincare products. Even at her age, people easily think she is 10 or more years younger because of her glowing skin. I aspire to have her beauty and radiance at her age. This makeup remover is perfect after wearing a day of mascara, eyeliner and more. It takes everything away without feeling harsh on your skin or eyes, which is very important! Plus, a little goes a long way so you’ll definitely get your bang for your buck with this product.

What products are you most interested in adding to your routine? What are some of your holy grail skincare products? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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  • Abbey Phipps

    That Cetaphil cleanser is awesome! It’s so simple but so effective! 🙂

  • I have used the Cetaphil cleanser several times before. Seeing that I wear full coverage foundation,etc I tend to use something that takes the make up off a little easier. It’s a great cleanser though! So gentle! Sheet masks are my obsession! I just purchased the Rose sheet mask to try out. I will have to look into these other suggestions soon!

  • I hear so many good things about the Cetaphil cleanser. I definitely need to check it out, as I’m always on the hunt for a good facial cleanser.

  • I have yet to try a sheet mask, but you have me intrigued.

  • Thanks for sharing these products! I think I’ll definitely be trying some of these, especially the Cetaphil cleanser 🙂

    – Kristen

  • I love Sephoras masks! They’re so good. Plus Estee Lauder skincare is the best.

  • I love Cetaphil! I’ll have to check the others out!

  • I honestly don’t break out often but lately it’s gotten bad. I honestly never looked into masks, which is dumb of me because they would probably help tons, so I might get the Sephora one since it’s affordable!

  • I’m honestly all about anything that will help minimize pores so I really need to check this product out. The rose sheet mask sounds truly amazing, too!

  • Cetaphil is honestly one of the best skincare products out there and it is so underrated. Whenever people ask me for suggestions on a cleanser I go straight to Cetaphil.

  • Sarah Jean

    Sheet masks are my favorite! I think they’ve done more for my skin than anything else.

  • I’ve been on the search for a new daily moisturizer. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Leah

    I’ve used Cetaphil body cream for like 15 years. They make great products!

  • Ashley Gonzalez

    I love the Sephora sheet masks!

  • Patricia Conte

    I love learning about new products! The black mask sounds awesome! I loooove Cetaphil – been using it for years 🙂

  • I pretty much will try anything that claims to minimize pores. I have to try the Estēe Lauder Pore-Minimizing Skin Refinisher

  • Corey Wheeland

    These are awesome suggestions. I think I’m going to have to try out that black mask!

  • These are great products. I have heard lots of talk about that cleanser and those face masks.

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