5 Days of #BlissGifts [Day 5]

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on December 7, 2016


We all have that friend who spends more time at the gym than they do shopping. Instead of getting your BFF or family member something they won’t use, why not try one of these five picks that are $30 or less. You’ll love these options that won’t break the bank. You’ll feel a little bliss in your life knowing you got a gift your loved one will love!

1| Find Your Balance T-Shirt from Old Navy, $10

I am all about finding fun, unique and inspirational T-Shirts for working out. What better way to keep your bestie or sister motivated to keep working out than cute workout gear! There are so many awesome options at Old Navy that are very inexpensive.

2| Workout Gloves from Target, $13

Now I know you’re thinking, “Why would I ever buy my friend that, even if they love to work out?!” Trust me, whether they’re lifting weights, or doing a weight-training cardio class, these will always come in handy for your fitness friend.

3| Yoga Mat from Target, $30

I know many people who aren’t into yoga, and still use a yoga mat for warming up/cooling down stretches, ab workouts, Pilates and more. I love that there are so many different colors and patterns, so this can be a personal gift for a friend or family member.

4| Water Bottle from Ban.do, $20

Who doesn’t want this water bottle? And who doesn’t feel this way about working out? I know that any fitness and health lover would still LOVE this gift because pizza is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. amiright? Adding a quirky item for someone’s present is the best way to complete a gift.

5| Foam Roller from Target, $28

I can’t tell you how great it is to have your own foam roller whether your run, lift or even if you’re not a person who works out everyday. This can even be for someone you know who needs to give their muscles a little TLC. It’s a gift that will be appreciated by any fitness lover.

What other items would you add to this list? Is there anyone on your shopping list that love fitness? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • These are such great ideas! I especially love that water bottle, haha! It’s just perfect.

  • Ashley Stephenson

    My sister would love that water bottle! Heck I love that water bottle! Such good ideas!

  • I love that water bottle, and now I’m trying extremely hard to think of who i can get it for for Christmas! I need to check out your other gift guides—this one is great!

  • Seriously need to get that water bottle ASAP. I looove anything ban.do!

  • I need that water bottle (and the foam roller!)

  • The yoga mat and water bottle are probably my favorite on this list! The foam roller is something that would really be useful! Great suggestions!

  • Boxwood Avenue

    Oh my gosh I love the pizza water bottle! I know just the person to give that to!

  • JamieSplendry

    I’ve been needing a foam roller like this! Great ideas, thanks!

  • Patricia Conte

    Love the yoga mat and the water bottle — haha – cute! What a great list of ideas for those who love working out!

  • Love this list!!!! I would love everything on it, especially that water bottle!

  • That water bottle is so cute! If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is-haha

  • Flavia Bernardes

    Those are all great gift ideas (especially that yoga mat)… Thanks for sharing! 😀

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    This gift guide is awesome! Love that water bottle. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt that way after a workout. haha

  • Love that water bottle…so accurate and such a cute gift idea!

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  • I’ve heard such great things about foam rollers! So I need one in my life as a runner?!

  • I thought the water bottle at first was a back sratcher – lol it been a long day for me. xx

  • Karissa Ancell

    Great stuff! I love the water bottle!

  • That water bottle is so perfect! I always crave the worst food after working out!

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