5 Days of #BlissGifts [Day 1]

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on November 28, 2016


Happy #Blissmas, friends! The gift guides are back a little early this year.

This year, I plan to do the same with some different guides for anyone on your list with gifts that are in a range of prices. Make sure to stay up-to-date on #blissmas and the 5 days of #blissgifts by keeping up with me on Twitter and Instagram!

Let’s get into today’s gift guide, which is for the Techies and gadget-loving friends and family members in your life. Personally, I always think of my brother when I create this guide because he’s always into new gadgets and little quirky items.

1| Video Drone from Best Buy, $80

Although you can buy drones in all different sizes and prices, I think the $60 to $80 range is the best bang for your buck if you’re actually going to use it for video footage, but you don’t need an over-the-top, expensive model. You can pick these up at many electronic shops this season.

2| 3Doolder Pen Gift Set from Urban Outfitters, $99

I’m not going to lie, I think this gift would be amazing to give and receive even if you’re not into tech gifts and items on this list. (Or, maybe that’s just me.) But how cool and unique would this gift be if it’s within your price range? I’d say to go for it!

3| Prynt Photo Printer from Urban Outfitters, $150

Print instant photos from your iPhone! Attach the Prynt case to your phone, take a photo and print it out. If you have any Millennial friends and family members in your life, they would love this gift. It’s the most expensive gift on the list, but I wanted to include different price ranges for everyone.

4| Phone Mount from Urban Outfitters, $16

I would use this all the time if I were to receive this gift (hint hint to any family/friends reading, haha!) I think it would be great to have if you’re watching a tutorial while working on a project, or if you’re watching a video while you’re working.

5| Smartphone Projector from Uncommon Goods, $28

This projector accommodates any phone, and displays videos on a wall with 8x magnification. Slide the back compartment in and out to focus the image, then let the glass lens magnify without using a power source. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves their extreme YouTube binges.

Which gift was your favorite? What other items would you add to this list? Is there anyone on your list you need a tech gift for? Make sure to share in the comments below!

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  • That video drone is really cool. I don’t know if you have ever seen the youtuber “Fun for Louis”, but he flies a drone over where he is exploring sometimes which is a really cool feature to add to videos.

    • I’ll have to look that up as soon as possible! Would love to see that type of content from a drone. Thanks for sharing!

  • I bought my husband a video drone last year and he loves it! It’s such a cool gift for anyone, really. 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more! I know people who love unique video content, or even if they’re into gadgets–good for so many people!

  • How fun! Love the idea of the video drone!

  • that phone mount is awesome! sounds silly but there are times i want to take a selfie to show my shirt (if it has writing on it or something) and could use something like this! it’s cheap, too!

    • YES! I’m so glad you mentioned that because that’s exactly what I would use it for (perfect for any fashion lover, too! haha) So glad we’re on the same page, Allison!

  • These are all so cool and unique! I think a drone would be awesome.

    • Thanks, Jenny! I would love a drone myself, but I know I don’t need one–haha!

  • Vincent Carabeo

    I’ve always wanted to print instant photos from my iPhone! Super pricy but I bet it’s worth it. Thanks for sharing these.

    • It’s awesome what technology has become nowadays! So glad to know you loved this list!

  • I’ve ALWAYS wanted a drone!!! Great round up!

    • Thanks so much, Chelsea! I hope you get one for the holidays if it’s on your list! There are some that are affordable, too.

  • I developed quite an obsession for drones. I really don’t need it, but I would love to have one.

    Cristina | *janded

    • I know many people who collect them now because they’re so popular and they’re into videography. Hopefully you’ll get one for the holidays!

  • These are awesome picks, Kiara! Totally loving the 3D pen! I’ll have to splurge on that for my sister next year – I already finished her gift shopping. She’s an artist!

    • She would definitely love it, especially considering she is an artist! Thanks so much for your comment, Summer!

  • Lisa McDermott

    these are the perfect techy gifts, i love all of them!

  • Would love that iPhone photo printer! I’ve been looking for something like that for my mom!

    • I know so many people who are interested in the photo printers! I would love to get it for several friends and family members!

  • Tara Berries

    I need that phone mount!

    • I want to get one for myself, even though I know I should only be buying gifts for Christmas–haha!

  • Elizabeth Doren

    I ordered the smart phone projector – HIGHLY recommend. Also I haven’t mentioned how much I love the name of your blog.

    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I truly appreciate it! And I’m glad you have had a positive experience with the smart phone projector, because I know a lot of people who have it on their list. I love that it’s not too expensive!

  • Great ideas! A drone is such a good idea and one I would have never thought about!

    Clothes & Quotes

  • Super fun gift ideas! I totally love #1 and #5. How cool is a phone projector 🙂

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

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