5 Benefits of Minimalism

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on March 13, 2017

There’s no doubt that minimalism has been a huge topic in 2016, and 2017 seems to be another year of the minimalism trend. Hopefully, this doesn’t remain a “trend,” but more of a conscious way of living for others. For me, since I’ve adopted more minimalist concepts into my life, I’ve noticed benefits that outweigh unnecessary shopping trips, etc. Make sure to leave a comment if you want to know my secrets on how I stopped unnecessary shopping!

Today I’m sharing five benefits of minimalism. Granted, there are many more than five, but these benefits are what I call, “undeniable benefits.” No matter how much you incorporate minimalism into your life, you are guaranteed to feel these benefits!

1| More Time

Let me break it down for you. The less you own in your home, the less you have to clean. The less you have to clean, the more time you have. See how that works? It’s not complicated! Instead of dusting off five extra pieces of furniture that you don’t use or love, you could sell those items, free up more space, and free up your time! Plus if you’re selling your items that you don’t love, you can make a little money through the process.

2| I Appreciate What I Own (Even More)

Before I decided to take on this lifestyle, I had so many things that I didn’t love in my life (mostly clothing). Because of this, I didn’t appreciate the possessions I owned. Now that I decluttered my home, and drastically downsized my closet, I have a deeper appreciation for all the items in my own. Everything I own, I love. That has helped me so much in this journey.

3| More Money

With pursuing minimalism means that you become a more conscious shopper. I haven’t purchased anything that’s non-essential for the last few months, and that has been a wonderful feeling for my wallet. You won’t believe how much money you save by cutting back on what you own because then you’re more aware of your shopping habits. This means more money for travel, or saving of a different purchase!

4| Your Home Is Precious

Be a ruthless editor of what you bring into your home. The less you own the less than owns you. When you decide to take on this lifestyle, your home becomes a personal sanctuary. It becomes your peaceful place. It is a place that you find the most joy because there’s no clutter or excess items to distract you. It is only filled with items you love. That is how every home should feel, but that isn’t always the case until you decide to pursue minimalism,

5| Strong Focus 

Without clutter and items distracting you, you have more time and energy to focus on what you truly want to accomplish with your life. You have more clarity in your life to ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve?” “What brings me the most bliss?” With less stuff, you have more space in your mind for achieving all your #GirlBoss Goals! Minimalism helps your clarity and helps you remove any mental clutter in your mind that could be affecting you from accomplishing what you truly wish to do.

What are other benefits of minimalism have you noticed in your lifestyle? What benefits have I missed? Make sure to leave a comment below!


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  • #1 is a big one for me. Having a small apartment without a lot of stuff in it makes my load of housework much easier than it otherwise would be!

    • I am the same way! I love that I don’t have to dedicate time to cleaning all the time because now I can enjoy the activities I love like reading, blogging, working out, etc.

  • Appreciating what you own is a big one for me! Having too much stuff gets pointless and sometimes just gets you more annoyed having heaps of things!

    • YES! You couldn’t be any more on point with that, Adriana! It’s so true and I know it can be hard to get rid of things–but it’s a wonderful feeling removing that weight from your home and life altogether. I always find the process to be therapeutic.

  • These are super awesome points. I love the point about appreciating everything you own. Super key!

    • Thanks, Summer! I’m glad you mentioned that because I think it’s something we truly don’t think about. I honestly never did until I got rid of all the things that I didn’t love and appreciate! It’s all about perspective and that’s what I love about minimalism!

  • Abbey Phipps

    I definitely appreciate what I own more when I own less! Great points! 🙂

  • Yes to number 4! Being able to love everything in your home and around you makes you appreciate it so much more! Great post!

    • Thank you, Cara! I completely agree that loving the things you own is truly important. It gives a lot of perspective when you think about everything in your home and whether you truly enjoy having that item.

  • I do like the idea of having more time by cleaning less, but I love homes that are like mini museums. To me, nothing beats a perfectly curated home. Downsizing seems so hard to do.

    • I completely know where you’re coming from on this because my sister is very similar. She loves artwork, decor and everything in between that “tells a story” and has meaning to it. And her home is absolutely stunning. That’s her home style and what she loves & that’s completely okay. But the key is what she owns, she loves. On the other hand, I can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard people complain about a vase, lamp, etc. and I say, “You can always get rid of it.” And they look at me like I’m crazy. As long as you love what’s in your home or it serves a purpose/is used, that is what matters! It’s all about perspective!

  • I am currently going through my home and getting rid of things. I realized it was overwhelming me even if it wasn’t even that much stuff. It seems like a lot of people feel very similarly 🙂

    • Yes! It’s so true. It can be very overwhelming because 1. We are used to having so much stuff in our homes (even if we don’t need it or love it.) 2. Many people don’t declutter often, so it seems daunting the first time around! You’re right, so many people feel the same way so you’re definitely not alone with your feelings on it!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    More money in my pocket is always a good thing! That is a great point though. I find that if I tell myself “It’s just stuff” then I become less attached to whatever the object might be. Great article!

    • Thank you! I appreciate that, Elizabeth! I feel the same way. We can get so worked up about things but at the end of the day–it is just stuff! 🙂

  • These are great points. I’m definitely at the beginning stages of decluttering, now if I could stop bringing new things home!

    • Thanks so much, Alison! I will have a post in the coming weeks on how to stop unnecessary shopping and I think you’ll love it and find it helpful! 🙂 Be on the lookout for it!

  • Robin

    I love your mindset of being a ruthless editor of your own home. I hold on to so many things out of guilt or imagined need. I started looking at my house differently after researching an article on the tiny home/minimalist trends–how we’re essentially just paying to heat rooms we rarely use filled with stuff we rarely think about. It’s kind of crazy to think about–but we all should think about it more!

    • YES! I love that you talked about this! I know so many people who buy HUGE homes that would work for 4 or 5 people but it’s only for 1 person. So much wasted space and money! I’m glad you mentioned this because it inspires me to remember this when I do eventually buy a home rather than rent.

  • ourhappyimperfection

    I absolutely love the pursuit of minimalism. My mind is calmer the less things I have cluttering up my space and my mind. It’s also much easier and less time consuming to take care of less stuff. I’ve been trying to embrace only keeping things that are useful or bring joy (slightly harder with a husband and children- things that bring them joy are sometimes a pain in my behind lol).

    • I know exactly where you’re coming from! The people in our lives might not always agree with us, but there are definitely ways to compromise so everyone is happy in the process!

  • These are great points. Thank you for this. I’m not a minimalist! But i should be really…

    • It’s definitely a lot easier than you think! Baby steps always help the process! 🙂

  • Yay for minimalism! I love when people are surprised how much clearer their minds are when they practice minimalism. A neater space and more money are givens, but it does wonders to the brain!

    • I completely agree! There’s significantly less stress in my daily life and even if I’ve had a stressful day at work–coming home to a clean, simple home everyday does wonders for my mood.

  • Neely

    I wish I could be a minimalist! I tried I failed

    • It’s all about what works best for you and your lifestyle! That’s what I always tell others so they don’t feel discouraged.

  • AHHHH amen!!! I practice minimalism as well and could not agree more. I would echo all the same benefits. The things I own are things I genuinely care about, but they do not own ME. Love this!

  • Love this! I’ve really enjoyed following your minimalism journey 🙂

  • I feel like such a slacker catching up on all of your posts, but I finally have had time to sit down and read through them! I love this! Going along with your more time benefit, I have time to decide what I truly want from my life. Before, I would just let my life control me, but now I have the chance to take control of it.

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