3 Reminders for Embracing Life’s Valleys

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on June 19, 2017

Life has peaks and valleys. There are times where we feel so high and on top of the world that we don’t ever want that feeling to stop, and there are times where life can have us feeling low and lost. There are many ways valleys can enter our lives that we have all experienced: rejection from a college, rejection from a promotion or job, or other unexpected changes that might interfere with previous plans (moving, changing jobs, beginning a relationship, etc.)

Some people see valleys as “bumps in the road” or a setback. While this is true, I think it negatively illustrates the value of valleys. I used to think a valley was the universe laughing at me struggling. Now, I view them more positively.

Yes, you may have gotten fired from your job; but you can use it as an opportunity to find a better job. Maybe one that pays more, or that offers more flexible hours, or where you can work from home. It’s still an opportunity.

You’ve plateaued after working hard for months on end to achieve your health and fitness goals. So what? Give yourself a week to relax and rest your body so it can work even harder. It’ll give you more motivation so you can get stronger. It’s an opportunity.

A few years ago, I experienced a “valley” when I applied to work at a local hospital. It was an opportunity I was excited about and had planned my entire summer around getting this job. Over a month past my “start date,” nothing progressed as far as paperwork or my medical clearance. Working at the hospital was my only plan for summer, and then I realized it wasn’t going to work out. I reached a valley I had no intention of being in.

Then I went through endless applications. I thought to myself, “I could go back to my old job.” But I didn’t enjoy my last job after four years. I decided to use this as a opportunity to find a job I loved. And I found it, and it paid far more than I intended. During the interview, they wanted to promote me to a higher paying position before I even began. It was a golden opportunity, and I said yes.

Fast forward a year later, and that same job lead me to my first, full-time marketing position that I’m currently working and loving today. I often think what would have happened if I ended up working at the hospital. Would I still be in a LDR with Josh? Would I have finished my Master’s? Who knows, but it’s incredible to think that begin rejected from something lead me to exactly where I needed to be. Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.

So how can YOU embrace your next valley?

1| Remember it’s temporary

If you’re going through a valley in your life, remember that your valley isn’t permanent. It won’t last forever. It’s a small stop along your journey, so treat it as such. Oftentimes, we get caught up with the negative moments in our lives that we don’t think about the positive things that could come from that experience.

2| There’s a bigger plan

You were rejected from your dream job that you’re more than qualified for. That’s horrible, and you’re probably feeling pretty sad about it, too. Take the time to go through the motions that come with rejection. But don’t let it keep you down. Remember that there’s a reason you weren’t hired for that job. You will be lead to the job you’re meant to work.

3| Opportunities are everywhere

Even in the midst of a valley and a negative situation, there is always room for opportunity.

But you have to remember to be open to the possibilities and the opportunities that could be presented to you in that season.

Think outside the box. Apply for something that is exciting and out of your comfort zone. You never know when an unexpected opportunity may present itself.

Even when we have reached a valley in life, it’s not necessarily negative. Sure, you might feel disappointed or confused on what your next step should be, but it’s easy to make a valley into a peak. All it takes is a little patience and time.

Have you experienced a “valley” in your life recently? How can you turn it into a peak? Make sure to share your stories and thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Alissa Carpenter

    I love this! Situations are temporary and with some work and adjusting of the mindset they can be just that and we can overcome!

    • It’s all about enjoying the process of adjusting and a little positivity!

  • Heather Rene

    I’d add a #4 – and that is to take time to find joy in the other aspects of life. If your job (or lack there of) is in a valley season, find the peaks (joy) in your family or social life. If you’re family is in a valley season, then find peaks (joy) in your health (did you hit a PR on your last run?, etc…). Gratitude, even in the small moments, has a way to make valleys seem more bearable.

    • YES! Wow this was such a great tip and point to make! That’s such a wonderful way of always finding the positive during that season of a valley.

  • Remembering that everything is temporary is so important for getting through the hard times. Great advice you’ve shared!

    • Yes, yes, yes! This hits home for me right now!

      • Glad to know this resonated with you, Ashley! Stay strong through this season, girl!

    • I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading this! And yes, everything is temporary!

  • My most recent valley was getting rejected by someone but it completely changed who I am as a person. It gave me a whole new perspective on love and life and I am a much better person now because of it!

    • That’s wonderful that it gave you a unique perspective and you are a better person because of it! So glad to hear this!

  • Remember it’s temporary. YES! It never rains forever. Such a good reminder when you feel lost.

    • Thank you, Amanda! I appreciate that and love how you said: “it never rains forever” 🙂 So true!

  • This is such a great reminder, thank you! Sometimes it’s hard to forget tough valleys are temporary, but focusing on the positive and finding a light somewhere always helps!

    • Exactly! I love how you mentioned finding a light–so beautifully said, Rachel!

  • It is so important to remember that everything is temporary! Life wouldn’t be life without the highs and the lows.

    • Couldn’t agree more, which is why this post was so special for me!

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