3 Minimalist YouTubers That Inspire Me

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on November 2, 2016


I’m been on this journey to live more minimally, and I have to be honest—it has been refreshing and incredible. I never knew how much stuff I had that I didn’t truly love, how my closet was a key trigger for my OCD and anxiety. Little by little, month by month, I grew to love the process of weeding out things I didn’t love or need anymore. But, I couldn’t have done it without a little inspiration from some YouTubers who have helped me along this journey.

Today I’m sharing three YouTubers who have inspired me along this journey of becoming more minimal. Now, I’m no where near the level of these women, but that’s because my goals for minimalism are different than their goals, which is perfectly okay.

Rachel Aust


When I stumbled across Rachel a few months ago, I binged watched her videos for a few days straight then I re-watched her videos again because I loved them so much. Her content is simple and she is inspiring for the fashion and beauty bloggers who think they can’t downsize. Rachel shares her life before minimalism and how she had a huge makeup collection, more than 70 pairs of shoes, and clothes she kept for years without wearing. You’ll be inspired by her transformation in life, and she will remind you that you can become a minimalist.  Her channel not only discusses minimalism, but also focuses on lifestyle, health and fitness videos, too!

Allison Anderson


One of the things I love about Allison is that she doesn’t fit the standard mold of a minimalist. She doesn’t live in a world with only white, black and grey; and she does have things that might make you think, “Well how is this living minimally?” Remember, there are not set rules for living a minimalist lifestyle, so as long as you have defined your goals and what minimalism means to you—it’s perfectly okay. Allison is another YouTuber who doesn’t solely focus on minimalism, but also beauty and fashion. She’s another example that you can enjoy makeup and clothes and pursue this lifestyle.

Sarah Nourse


Although I’ve only been watching Sarah for about a month now, her story of working toward minimalism inspired me the most because of her dramatic change in living altogether. She packed her bags and moved to Europe, and has continued her path of minimalism while moving out of the U.S. Sarah has amazing videos on going through your wardrobe, kitchen, and everything in between to downsize and truly focus on the things you need. She also talks about how she changed her buying habits to stay minimal. Her content is only focused on minimalism, but also living in Europe, and other lifestyle content, too! She’s genuine and modern with her life, which is inspiring for millennials looking to become minimalists.

Are there any minimalist YouTubers or bloggers you love that I should check out? What are your thoughts on pursuing a minimalist lifestyle? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment below!

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  • Oh awesome! I haven’t seen any of their stuff before, but I love “meeting” new bloggers! Thanks for sharing!

  • I have never heard of any of these youtubers. I have been trying to get rid of more things each month that I just don’t need,use anymore,etc. I’ve done pretty well for the most part. I will have to check these ladies out!

  • Stephanay Jnote

    Ii love youtube because of all of the new and exciting things that you can find on there. Sometimes I am surprised because so much information is available for free and it is awesome. Great post. I love the fashion one also.

  • Thanks for sharing about them!!! I’m gonna check them out!!!

  • Oh I definitely need to look into these! Always looking for ways I can de-clutter and minimize the stress in my life. Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve been seriously considering approaching a more minimalist lifestyle, and these youtubers look like some great people to watch.

  • I love Allison Anderson but I have never heard of the other two 🙂 I may have to go check them out.

  • I love the idea of minimalism. I will have to check out these YouTubers.

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