3 DIY Green Beauty Recipes


We all know that “greens” are necessary for a healthy body, but what if I told you can use these greens to create DIY beauty that’s also healthy for your skin? With these three recipes, you’ll feel refreshed for spring and summer. You’ll add a little bliss to your life (and save money) with these at-home creations.


Avocados are a staple power food that everyone should incorporate into his or her diet. You can also incorporate avocados in your beauty routine. If you’re looking for an inexpensive hair mask; mash-up one half of ripe avocado into a bowl, and mix with a little honey and olive oil to strengthen hair.


Whether you’re using a lime for a chicken fiesta salad or on your body for a citrus scrub, limes are packed with invigorating nutrients your skin will love. Create a body scrub with sugar, olive oil and the pulp from a lime for a skin treatment that will leave your skin smooth.


Do you have oily skin during spring and summer? Grapes might be the answer to your problems. The acidity in grapes will help combat oily skin. You can create a grape, skin treatment by mixing honey, grapes, and yogurt. Apply once a week for fresh, oil-free skin.

What are some of your favorite DIY beauty recipes? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • I’m going to try the avocado hair mask recipe! I’m always told to use some form of a mask on my hair once a week, especially now that we’re coming into prime swimming season.

    • Yes! You should definitely be mindful of your hair if its used to pool chemicals during summer. Thanks so much for your comment!

  • I love natural beauty recipes!! These are great! I’ve tried the avocado one before! It felt so nasty and slimy on my face, but the results were pretty great!

    • I never thought to also try the avocado mask recipe on my face, too! I’ll have to try that one next. Thanks so much for your comment!

  • I never would have thought of grapes! Interesting!

    • I said the same thing about grapes. Apparently they’re perfect for oily skin. Thanks for your comment!

  • awesome post! I love DIY beauty and green beauty is definitely a favorite of mine 🙂 I have so many on my blog, but my favorite simple recipe is turmeric + manuka honey face mask or coconut oil + manuka honey hair mask – both are amazing!

    • I’ll definitely need a link to those recipes from your blog! DIY beauty is so important, especially if you’re on a budget and want to have organic alternatives for beauty. Thanks so much for your comment!