2017 Goals: 3-Month Update

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on March 27, 2017

2017 needs to slow down because I don’t understand how three months have already come and gone so quickly. 

When I listed out my goals for 2017, I knew that I wanted to have check-in points where I would check my progress throughout the year so I wouldn’t forget about my goals. It also allows me to make smaller, achievable goals so that I can work toward the larger goals I have set out for the year. Today is my first check-in for 2017, and I’m interested to look back and see the progress I’ve made over the last few months.

Make sure to share your goals for 2017 in the comments and let me know how you have been doing over the last three months!

Personal Goals:

1| Read 8-10 books throughout 2017

So far I read five books this year and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve been focusing on this goal for 2017. I’m hoping to make it to my goal by summer!

2| Plan 2-3 trips for 2017

We have our trip to Boston in April, but I’m thinking of a smaller trip with Josh even if it’s to Pittsburgh. I’m also considering planning a trip to visit my friend in San Francisco this fall. I’ll be sure to keep you guys up-to-date on my travel plans!

3| Achieve my career goals for 2017

This would be a little too long if I went in-depth with this section, but I have more than halfway through my career goals for 2017. This one has surprised me the most even under unique circumstances at work! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of 2017 in terms of my job.

4| Focus on my vision board

All the ideas are in place, but I’ve been waiting to physically make the board because I have been considering writing series of posts on how to make a vision board, what I’ve learned from using this method to achieve my goals, etc. If you’re interested in seeing a post on this, leave a comment below!

Blogging Goals:

1| Focus on my blog direction

If you caught up on my post back in January, you will know about how my blogging direction changed a little. Since then, I’ve incorporated more posts on minimalism, simple living and everything in between and I have loved every minute.

2| Increase blog social media engagement by 20 percent

We all know it’s not about numbers, but engagement. Not only do I want to focus on other’s engaging with me, but also focus on increasing my engagement with others, too. Let’s be real—this is a two-way street. So far, I haven’t done the best with this, but I want to make it my focus for the next few months.

3| Take more risks

Well, I took one amazing risk thanks to my lovely friend Erin! We did a collab on a monthly challenge where we gave challenges to help you relax and refresh your mind for February. The challenges focused on mental clarity and self-care, which are two topics I’m passionate about. I’m hoping to collab with bloggers more throughout the year and take more blogging risks overall. Stay tuned to read more on this!

Financial Goals:

1| Put an extra $8-10,000 into savings

So far I’m on track to achieve this goal a few months earlier than anticipated, which makes me incredibly happy. I know saving in your 20s is so important, and it’s something I want to focus on. If you want to read posts on how I save money, let me know in the comments!

2| Track my spending regularly

I had every intention of keeping up with this, but since Josh set up a spending tracker sheet, I have been horrible with updating it. I’m hoping to simplify this task, and make this work more for me so I can track my spending each month.

Health Goals:

1| Increase my weekly running distance

We’re not in running season yet, but by next month I think we will be out running through October.

2| Don’t focus on numbers

I truly stopped caring about numbers I have found that it has done wonders for my self-esteem and happiness altogether. TBH y’all, NUMBERS DO NOT MATTER. Once you stop focusing on the numbers and more on how you feel, you will see a huge difference!

3| Focus on workouts I enjoy

So far this has been going well. I’ve focused on workout that are specific to Pilates, abs circuit training, etc. It’s wonderful to love the workouts you do and not to hate every minute of my workouts!

How have you been doing on your goals for 2017? Maybe check your list you made a few months ago and start working on how you can work on them for the nest few months! Make sure to leave a comment below saying what goals you have been working on/already have achieved this year!

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  • rebminlu

    This is awesome and so inspiring! I should probably make a goal list soon too. I love that you’re refocusing your blog on minimalism and simple living. That’s something I’ve been challenging myself to do more these days. Looking forward to seeing more blogposts and wishing you the best of luck 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment! It definitely means a lot! I’m exciting to be changing the direction of my bog a little more to tailor it to my lifestyle!

  • Yes!! Totally take a trip to Pittsburgh. Michael took me a few years ago to see a ballet and I fell in love with that city! I need to get back.

    • I love it there, too! I’m hoping to visit it a lot more since we are less than 2 hours away!

  • I really want to go to San Francisco again. I haven’t been since I was a child, plus I have family in the area. Can’t wait to read about your travel plans!

    • I’m so excited to plan this trip later in the year! If you have any recommendations for San Francisco, please let me know!

  • Alexis Schroeder

    I’m also planning on going to San Francisco. I’ve been spending a lot of time outside the U.S., so I’m ready to travel around the United States a bit!

    • If you read any great recommendations, please let me know!

  • Abbey Phipps

    It sounds like you’ve been doing great on your goals! Way to go! I set monthly goals instead of yearly, but I’ve been pretty successful with those, so that’s encouraging! 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear you’ve been doing well with your goals as well! Always encouraging to know other bloggers are out there achieving their goals every month!

  • Good to hear your goals are coming along nicely this year! I think it’s good to check in from time to time to really hold yourself accountable but also to give yourself a pat on then back for how far you’ve come. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Cara! And yes, this is something new I’m trying out for 2017 and it is definitely a wake-up call because I’m a type-A, perfectionist type where I’m all goal-oriented and strive for results! So this has been helping me a ton.

  • I love that you have goals for specific parts of your life versus just focusing on your overall life. I think that is so important. I also think it is amazing that you are focusing on saving. A lot of 20-somethings do not see that as a priority, when it can help so much in the long run. I cannot wait to see how well you do with your goals this year, because so far you are rocking it!

    • YES! I cannot express enough how much we should focus on saving rather than spending unnecessarily in our 20s. I’m so passionate about this, so I’m glad there are other people who feel the same way about the importance of it!

  • You go girl! It seems like you’re on the right track to kill yours goals this year 🙂

  • Wow! You are doing awesome at these goals! I’m terrible at goal-setting and tracking. I’d love to see your post on your vision board.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Kaycee! I’ll be sure to put together some posts and content for my vision board series!

  • Awesome work! Also I LOVE BOSTON!!! I live in NH so I’m super closeby and go to Boston a fair amount. Have an amazing trip!

    • Thank you so much! If you have any recommendations for Boston, please let me know! I would love to hear anything you think would be great for a first-time trip to the city.

      • Totally! Boston is an awesome walking city, so you really can’t go wrong! <3 🙂

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    Way to go on all of your goals! I wanted to read many more books already than I have this year, for some reason I just can’t focus! I need to get with the program though!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

    • I’m looking to read a lot more when summer kicks off a little more and there is a little more time to relax in June 🙂

  • Kristen Rodriguez

    Girl you are crushing your goals this year! Keep it up! It’s such an encouragement. Now I need to go get my butt into gear and hit some of my goals, too!

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy to know this is helpful and encouraging for other bloggers as well because it always helps me to read how other bloggers are doing with their goals for the year and month!

  • You are kicking those goals girl! I’m excited for my trip to Canada this summer but missing out on my travels this year 🙁

    • Let me know how you enjoy Canada! I grew up so close to the border, so I’m quite familiar with Ontario, etc.

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