10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Posted in Health
on October 24, 2014


Life can be hectic sometimes, so it’s important to have stress-relieving techniques available for the days you need them most. Here are some simple ways to reduce stress easily.

1. Take a bath: Yes, be a stereotypical “girl” and draw warm water and add your favorite bubble bath. I recommend anything from Lush, especially this adorable Wizard for Halloween! Your muscles will relax and you’ll relieve any tension and stress.

2. Drink tea: Make sure to actively enjoy your tea. Sit in the quiet, relax and drink your tea. Green tea has so many health benefits including a stress-relieving component.

3. Laugh: Watch funny videos on YouTube or a comedy on TV. Find your favorite comedian. Laugh a lot and you’ll change your mood instantly.

4. Talk to someone: Whether it’s a relative, friend, significant other or your dog, talking always helps. Mention that you need to vent, allow yourself ten minutes to rant then move on and talk about the good in your life.

5. Listen to music: Blast your favorite Taylor Swift song and shake it off because there’s nothing a little music can’t fix. Or, try to listen to soothing soundscapes (music mostly played at spas) and relax.

6. Walk it out: Being surrounded in nature can drastically change your mood and stress levels. Go outside and take a 30-minute walk. Your endorphins will increase and your stress will decrease.

7. Read: Reading reduces stress because you’re leaving the problems of your life and entering the problems of someone else and their life. You’ll forget your troubles and be mentally engaged with reading.

8. Breathe: Sit and breathe slowly and consistently. Maybe even pull out some yoga moves while you’re at it. (Tree pose, anyone?) This will lower stress levels and give you a sense of peace.

9. Meditate: Meditation is a great activity for your mind, body and soul. Although it may seem difficult to be still and aware of the present moment, you can read about how to accomplish this if you’re a beginner. Check out this article here for tips.

10. Give thanks: Buy a journal. Each day, write down at least ten things you’re thankful for that happened that day. This practice has change my life. Sitting down to write out your blessing will change your mood, outlook and stress.

How do you handle stress? If you have any tips or suggestions, make sure to leave a comment below or tweet @BlissBrunette. Enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you on Monday.

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