10 Ways to Improve Your Mood (in 10 Minutes or Less)

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on September 30, 2016


Did you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? You’ve been trying to turn your day around, but you can’t stop thinking of that stressful work meeting, an important project for school. Or, maybe you haven’t had enough time for yourself recently. Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to improve your mood in under 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about taking up a ton of your time.

1| Compliment Someone and Mean It

One of the easiest ways to reduce a little stress and improve your mood is by giving someone a genuine comment. Think about it: it makes you feel good when someone compliments you, so why not give an honest compliment to cheer someone else up? You’ll feel the happy affects just as much as the person you’re complimenting.

2| Watch a Funny YouTube Video

There are millions of quick, funny videos you can find. If all else fails, and you can’t find a video, type in: “Funny cat videos” or “funny dog videos,” and I’m sure you’ll find more than enough content to get you through 10 hours. Just remember not to get too carried away if you decide to watch a video on your break!

3| Call a Friend/Family Member

Call a friend or your mom for 10 minutes on your lunch break to have a chat and catch up on your day. I always talk to my mom and dad on my drive to work, and I find that I’m happy when I go into work because I’ve had connection with a loved one before I begin a long, stressful day.

4| Focus on Your Breath

If you want to remove any stress and improve your mood immediately, follow this breathing patterns: 1. Breathe in for four seconds 2. Hold your breath for seven seconds 3. Breathe out for eight seconds. Repeat this two or three times. You’ll naturally feel less stressed and your mood will improve with ease.

5| Set a Timer for 10 Minutes and Clean Something

Clean something in your home. Make sure you set a timer for 10 minutes, so you don’t get too involved with cleaning.  Cleaning your space helps you cross of some tasks off your to-do list, so you’re not going to worry about it later. And, a clean space means a clean mind, which means an easy way to add a little bliss in your life in a short amount of time.

6| Journal

You can search a writing prompt online, or you can you write anything on your mind. Or, maybe you want to make a list of things you have to do for the week. Writing can help improve your mood especially if you’re writing about things that have been bothering you. Use it as stress-relieving method.

7| Take a Power Nap

One of the most underrated things you can do is to set a timer for 10 minutes and allow yourself time for a power nap. If you’re having a long, exhausting day, a quick nap can improve your mood and give you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day. Power naps were my go-to activity in college when I was on the go from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

8| Make/Play a Calming Playlist

Have a playlist on your phone or computer that you can play whenever you’re feeling upset, stressed, angry, etc. Compile a collection of songs that will lift you up and make you feel good. No matter what negative mood you’re feeling, you’ll be able to turn it around with your customized, blissful playlist.

9| Think of What You’re Thankful For

Better yet, write down the things you’re thankful for. Then, whenever you need a reminder to lift your spirits, you can reference all your blessings in life to put everything in perspective. We all can get lost by worrying about the little things, but the reality is—you need think big picture and not stress so much.

10| 10-Minute Workout

“Is a ten-minute work even worth it?!” YES, girl—it is! Whether you decide to stretch in your office for 10 minutes, or you throw together a work and easy workout in your dorm room to do before your next class, working out releases a happy-mood endorphin. Whatever type of day you’re having, your mood will improve immediately after a little workout.

What other tips do you use to help improve your mood? Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  • You are right, our posts are similar! I like the differences. Calling a friend or family member can definitely brighten a day!

  • Mostly Simple Life

    Great list! I especially love #1. Focusing on being kind or helpful to others is a great way to stop thinking about your bad day an feel better.

  • Great suggestions! A good playlist always helps me!

  • these are great tips! I also think stand up comedy and talking to friends is helpful!

  • All fabulous (+ effective, + true!) tips, Kiara! Literally just stopping and closing your eyes with some deep breathing can change the course of your entire mood. Powerful stuff!

    Coming Up Roses

  • kp

    These are great! I really like #5 – surprisingly cleaning something can really boost your mood. I hate seeing things a mess and once I get something clean (and don’t spend all day cleaning it), it makes me feel so much better! #1 is really important as well. We don’t compliment people nearly enough.

  • Jessica Hughes

    Great tips! Funny Youtube videos always make me in a better mood!

  • Taylor Smith

    These are great tips!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • This is a fantastic list! I love all of these suggestions ♥ I will definitely be implementing them a.s.a.p.

  • These are all wonderful tips. Power naps are the best.

  • Great tips! I always enjoying working out or dancing to improve my mood.

  • I should try the cleaning one more often. 🙂 YouTube videos and thinking about what I’m grateful for always does the trick for me.

  • I love YouTube. I can be so addicted to it sometimes. Like literally spend hours upon hours just watching videos haha the gym and music also helps me a lot in boosting my mood. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I end up at the gym with a good playlist. It’s next to impossible for me to leave the gym in a bad mood.

  • Adriana

    SUCH great tips! Setting a timer and cleaning or doing something productive for 10 minutes always helps me. Saving this for later!

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