10 Things to be Happy About | November Edition

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on November 6, 2015


Gratitude is an important practice in my life. I believe that giving thanks for our blessings in life is something we should take seriously. I decided to create a new monthly edition to my blog titled “10 Things to be Happy About,” which will talk about what I’m thankful for/looking forward to in that particular month. So, here’s what I’m happy about now that it’s November:

No Shave November:

Clean shaves are out; and bring on the beards. I love that there’s an annual activity for a meaningful cause. It’s an easy way for people to give back whether you appreciate the movement or not.


Spending time with family, watching football, eating amazing food—what more could you want? The best part of November is this holiday because no one can judge how much you eat!

Giving Back:

Now that it’s getting closer to the holidays, I try to give back to my community. Whether it’s a project on DoSomething.org, or donate food to the soup kitchen, I try to volunteer.

Cozy Nights Indoors:

The days of going to the beach are behind us in WNY. It’s all about Netflix marathons, cooking and baking dates and a ton of other dates you can creatively create for indoors.

Black Friday:

I work retail, so I’ve worked Black Friday every year for the last five years. And secretly, I love it. It’s a busy but it’s a fun day to see people shop for their loved ones.

Food & Cooking:

I love food (who doesn’t?) and I love trying new recipes and trying all the different recipes around this time of year, especially for Thanksgiving or if they’re desserts!

Fall and Winter Season:

This season puts me in a good mood. It’s a warm and fuzzy time of year, and I love that. I love fashion, food and activities around this time of year.

The Beginning of the Holiday Season:

It’s finally acceptable to talk about Christmas, watch Christmas movies and talk about upcoming plans for the holidays. It’s a beautiful time of year, and it’s something I’m so thankful for.

Early Christmas Shopping:

Yes, I am that person who shops for Christmas in November. I love taking the time to shop for others and create a meaningful gift for them. Christmas shopping is my favorite activity.

Loving Friends and Family:

I love spending time with my loved ones. November means more coffee dates with my sister, more sushi dates with my best friends and more time with my parents and boyfriend.

What are you happy about now that it’s November? Make sure to share your thoughts below!

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  • yeahh! So excited for the holiday season and even Thanksgiving 🙂 Also excited for black friday deals online!

    • kiaracatanzaro@gmail.com

      Tianna, you’re absolutely right! I should have mentioned Black Friday deals online, too! They’re perfect for the people who don’t want to get caught up in the lines.

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